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It's always best to call an Architectural & Engineering Consultants in UAE whenever a major renovation is underway.

One notable thing about these Professional Architectural Consultants is they follow a standards or rules of UAE architecture modernist style; but yet the are versatile to build the structure around its occupant’s needs: be it industrial, commercial, or private.

Architecture firms UAE have licensed professionals who work with engineering consultant UAE to bring to life some of the world’s most advanced architecture today. In fact, you can find most of them here in Buildeey.


Services offered by architecture companies in the UAE

  • Preparation of construction documents

  • Construction administration

  • Architectural programming or architectural wish list

  • Project management

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7 Popular Types of Architectural and Engineering Designs in UAE

  • Greek Revival - Rows of symmetrically-arranged columns feature Doric, Ionic or Corinthian order that shows the adaptation of a classic Greecian temple, with a full entablature placed above the rows of columns and then a pediment roof seated atop the entablature.

  • Egyptian Revival - Mostly used in theaters, prisons, and churches during the 1920s, these structures have flat roofs and smooth wall finishes with gates that resemble Egyptian temple gateways. Symbols and inscriptions are usually seen on its pillars.

  • Gothic Revival - This design type was popularly used in constructing anything from cottages to castles, way back in the 1830s. Its distinct characteristics are the steeply-pitched roofs, gingerbread trim eaves, carriage porch, large colored glass windows with tracery outlines.

  • Mission Style - Simplicity is elegance, which is the main theme of this architectural design style. Stucco or plaster walls and red-tiled roofs that extend further than the roof, makes these structures stand out. Towers, balconies, and round arches also characterized large buildings built in this design.

  • Art Deco - Its grand vertical height, geometric form, and a series of facade setbacks made this style very popular in the 1930s. Materials like metal, colored glazed bricks, or mosaic tiles highlight the decorations in this stylized building.


How to Hire the Best Architectural and Engineering Companies Near You

Now you know some of the different services and popular architectural types, that our best architecture firms and engineering consultants here in Buildeey can help you with; why don't you start checking out our list of engineering consultants in UAE now.


Here are 5 Things You Need To Know When Hiring The Right Architect

  1. Their portfolio, license, permits and office location - Including past projects, basic resume information and years of service. Previous clients and contractors, they worked with. Their biggest success and failed projects and what contributed to those.

  2. Their proposal - Have them create a proposal and some plans on the projects you want to be built. This helps you assess if their signature style matches what you need.
  3. Their team and services offered - The names and backgrounds of their team members. The extent of services they cover on a particular contract. Are they easy to talk to and deal with?

  4. Their reputation - Do they deliver their projects on time with high quality? Are they honest in their jobs?

  5. Your budget - A defining factor if the architecture firms UAE is worth the rate they are asking.


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