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The first step you should do when wanting to construct or remodel your home is to find a Reliable Architectural Company and Experts. Top architecture firms and Design Consultancy in dubai are all listed in our database and we also have a network of the Top Architectural Design Companies in UAE that you can choose from. We have been partnering with them for years. It is best to entrust your construction projects on reliable companies


How much is an Architectural Design and Consultancy Service?

  1. Construction material Costs - this consists of shipping charges, taxes and raw material costs
  2. Construction site conditions - dubai architecture firms list also consider the environment conditions in a project location. The poor soil conditions, obstructions and harsh weather will make the project most expensive and longer to finish.
  3. Labor wages- our construction partners abide by the standard approved minimum wage in an area. This is also included in the price we charge clients.
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Architectural Design in Dubai - FAQ

What is architectural design?

Architecture firms in dubai use the concept of architectural design to focus on elements or components of a structure. They work with space and components to create a functional structure.


What is the difference between architecture and architectural design?

Architecture faces towards strategy, structure and purpose towards the abstract. Architectural design is geared towards implementation and practice towards the concrete.


Why is architectural design important?

Architectural & engineering consultants in dubai make sure the building and physical environment are easy to move around.


Who is a better architect or interior designer?

Architects in dubai centers on designing buildings. While interior design dubai focus on designing fixtures, accessories and furniture. Architects dubai can do some of the interior designer’s work. But interior designers cannot do what the best architectural firms in dubai do.