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When constructing a building or a house, applying the right flooring is essential for the occupants to maximize the efficiency of their activities and movements inside and outside of the structure. Using the correct granite tiles or marble flooring is not only a great help to its utility, but also adds an elegant or casual feel to the ambiance of the design. 

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What are the marble tiles?

The slippery, shiny, semi-translucent white, with the glossy feel and reflecting light slabs that are one of the best choices for foyers, halls, and ballrooms are known as marble flooring. Marble slab is very popular because of its beauty and elegance that it captured the eyes and pockets of royalties and other rich people for centuries.

The advantages of using marble stone: uniqueness, translucent color, elegant look, easily polished, natural and earth-friendly.

The disadvantages of using marble slab: Stains easily with acid substances, easily scratched, susceptible to water damage, brittle material, getting the same replacement tiles are difficult, hard to install by yourself, more expensive than granite, more slippery than other floorings.

What are granite tiles?

This crystalline tile has its material come from an igneous rock inside volcanoes swimming along with the magma, thus making it very dense and strong - almost like porcelain. It is very resistant to spills and stains, making it very ideal for kitchen countertops and bathrooms.

What is white granite?

Maybe you have encountered some homeowners looking for a white granite from their local marble supplier. Even though the mental image of a pure white granite as a countertop might be a very attractive kitchen centerpiece, there is no super white granite that exists. However, there is Princess white granite more technically known as a Quartzite or White Fantasy.


Whether you are deciding to go for glossy marble flooring, durable granite tiles or go on a treasure hunt for the elusive white granite; all these materials can be checked on the marble supplier near you.