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Buildeey has some tips to make your move quickly and efficiently. These tips will help you see through the advertising and really determine which moving services company in UAE has the credentials and expertise. 


1. Check How Long the Moving Service Company Has Been in Business

Moving services is no joke. When a company has just been around for months, it is hard to tell if they have the credentials for your move. For long and international moves, it is best to hire moving services in Dubai, UAE with at least ten years of experience. For local or in-house moving service, pay attention to the details they ask and give during an estimate to see how competent they are if they really care about your needs. 

2. Look for License and Insured Moving Companies

Hiring movers that are not legally licensed and insured is a big risk for your assets. Make sure to research their license and insurance information. 

3. Kinds of Moving Services They Offer 

Knowing the span and types of services a company can provide is important. Some companies don't have the manpower or equipment to accept moving requests of special or delicate items. 

4. Know the Company's Service Area

Verify the company's list of areas they serve before signing an agreement. For services in Abu Dhabi, find the best moving service company in Abu Dhabi, UAE that offers quality service and the willingness to travel the distance to satisfy your moving needs.  

5.  Know the Company's Moving Tools and Equipments

Ask about their equipment especially if you have special items that need to be moved by a forklift or a crane. Let them know in advance because not all moving companies own such equipment; some just rent special equipment so they might not be able to accommodate your special moving needs in a snap.

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Kinds of Moving Services and Moving Companies in UAE

A successful relocation starts with figuring out what kind of move you're doing. Once you have decided what things you are going to take with you, you will know what type of moving services you will need and which moving services company in UAE you are going to hire. 

  • Local movers - operate within the same city that usually charge by hour 
  • Long-distance moving company - operates for moves that exceed 100-mile distance  
  • International moving company - moves from one country to another by air or by sea
  • Commercial moving companies - moves cargos that are sensitive and valuable 
  • Car transportation companies - ships your vehicle to another city or country 
  • Specialty movers - movers that accept handling of valuable and delicate things such as antiques, wine collections, and artworks 

Whatever kind of moving service you are looking for in UAE, Buildeey has a list of professionals that can be trusted to carry out the relocation of your belongings without any glitches or problems. Browse through our listings of reliable companies to accompany you on your important move or relocation.