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Photography in UAE is a leading tourist destination that offers you the best of luxury and culture. The art of photography offers you the same experience with the added advantage of being able to take...

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  Al Ferdous Tower, Salam Street Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Ajman  UAE Al Ferdous Tower, Salam Street Abu Dhabi..., Ajman  UAE
Service: Photography

Hi! I am Sherwin “Loybuckz” Dela Peña I was born and raised in Caloocan City, Philippines and currently residing in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. I have worked in...

Hi! I am Sherwin “Loybuckz” Dela Peña I was born a...

  Al Ferdous Tower, Salam Street Abu Dhabi..., Ajman  UAE
Service: Photography Hi! I am Sherwin “Loybuckz” Dela Peña I was born a...
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Photography Services Near Me

If you are having a wedding in Dubai, the photographers are often well equipped with high definition cameras and have the ability to use different lighting techniques so make sure to hire the best photographer in Dubai through Buildeey. These photographers are also able to edit and combine the images to produce a look that will really make your wedding images  look stunning. 

Photography is also booming in the city because of talented freelance photographers in UAE that are highly-skilled in many types like:

  • Adventure Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Business Photography
  • Candid Photography
  • Creative Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Fashion Photography


Qualities of a Good Photographer in UAE

An important point in hiring a photographer is to ensure that the photographer knows the language of the place. He must be familiar with local culture and customs and must be well aware of the various activities that take place during the day. For example, if the event is held at noon, it will be difficult for the photographer to take pictures if he does not know what happens at night. Here are other things that you must look for when hiring a photographer in Abu Dhabi:

  • Must have keen and creative eye
  • Must have great communication skills with clients
  • Must possess excellent shooting skills 
  • Must be able to capture the essence of events


Advantages of Hiring a Professional Photographer in UAE

Buildeey's list of professional photographers know photography inside and out. It takes great skill to master the perfect shot, lighting effects, and camera adjustments. Not all people can do this, so hiring a professional for your event will benefit you. 

  • Consistency - professional photographers know how to capture great moments. Under any circumstance, they will deliver quality photos. 
  • Technical Skills - photography is much more than just clicking the button and taking the picture. Photographers have many skills like lighting, posing, editing, and other effects. 
  • Professionalism - when you hire a professional photographer, you are doing business with someone who truly loves their craft. Photographers in UAE go the extra mile to exceed your expectations not only because they are paid to do it but because they seek customer satisfaction

It's true that hiring professional photographers in UAE may cause you a little more than having your friend or relative do it, but it will be worth it in the end.