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A lot of work needs to be overseen when handling a general construction project. We need to make sure that everything is accomplished according to the desired and specified quality. All this work load might stress you and take a toll on your daily activities. That is why quality inspection consultants or a quality control specialist. They are the ones who visit the clients’ projects, supervise the production process, identify and suggest solutions to the erroneous methods used by the workers, check units one by by to ensure there are no defects and perform qualitative tests for different specifications. Basically they perform quality assurance and quality control.

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Let us clarify that a quality assurance responsibilities cover ALL of the quality system. This can cover both internally to the project management and extrenally to the clients. While quality control is just a segment or subcategory of quality assurance. They are both a part of quality management.

Quality management is supervising all related tasks and activities necessary to keep the desired level of excellence. This can be attained easier with the use of a quality management system. This is a set of standards, processes, policies and procedures essential for the planning and implementation of a construction project. An example of this is the International Standard for Quality Management (ISO).  The principles they use for their quality management system are: 

  1. Leadership - Establish unity of purpose and direction for the company’s objectives.
  2. Client focus - Primarily focused on meeting customer requirements.
  3. Engagement of workers or people - Engaging all levels of the company.
  4. Process approach - ensuring that everyone understands the processes and  systems used on the project
  5. Improvement - Continually improve
  6. Evidence based decision making - Use evaluation data analysis for decisions.
  7. Relationship management - Maintain good relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and other experts.


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