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Metal or structural steel fabrication converts raw materials to metal structures. Steel fabrication companies in uae need flexible, durable, affordable, and tensile materials. They use these metals to build bridges, machines and buildings. All cities and industries in the world have benefited from the metal produced through steel fabrication.

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Different Types of Steel and Metal Services

  1. Cutting

This is the first stage. Lasers, water jets, saw and plasma torches, used to cut steel.

  1. Folding

This is also known as bending. Welding and steel fabrication needs to create certain steel sections using a press break.

  1. Machining 

Removing unwanted materials from the metal to reach a desired shape.

  1. Punching 

This is the process of creating a hole using a punch press. It passes through the metal work into a die.

  1. Shearing 

This process known as die cutting, aims  to cut straight lines on a flat metal.  

  1. Stamping

A shaped die is where there is a raised part in the material. This process is same as punching.

  1. Welding 

Attaching two pieces of metal together to form a new, separate steel or build a larger structure.

  1. Casting 

Done when hot molten metal is on a mold and allowed to cool and harden to a distinct shape. There are two kinds of casting: Die-casting and permanent mold casting

  1. Forging

Top metal manufacturing companies use a hammer to strike the hot metal piece.

  1. Extrusion

Done by forcing a metal through a closed or open die. This is also called cold extrusion.

  1. Drawing

This uses tgreat force in pulling metal into and through a die, to stretch the metal to a thinner shape.


How to Hire the Best Steel and Metal Fabrications Near You

Our top metal manufacturing companies here in Buildeey, are the best of the best. That is why they made it on the list of the top steel fabrication companies in UAE. We have simplified a qualification guide for you.

  • Proper Education and Good Training 

There are vocational schools that offer apprentice and training programs.

  • Plenty of Experience 

Metal welding need skilled workers. You only get that level of skill with abundant experience

  • Quality of Product

Quality of output is very important to any craft.

  • Skills

Welding and steel fabrication needs good hand and eye coordination. Clear vision, active listening skills, able to receive and relay information. Fitters need mathematical and problem solving skills, read and understand blueprints.

  • Physical Endurance

Metal and steel fabrication is a laborious job. It needs physical strength and good stamina