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Dennis Rodman once said: “This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can't see how deep it is”.  You may or may not agree with this. What we all can agree on...

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Swimming Pools Services Near Me

Different Types of Swimming Pool Construction Services

 Our list of Swimming Pool installation and maintenance companies in UAE can build different types of pools.

  • Private Pool - constructed in a building, garden or into a basement. Ranges from 3.7m x 7.3m to 6.1m x 12.2m

  • Public pool - Rectangular shaped and ranges 25m - 50m in length. Can include artificial waterfalls, bridges, fountains, or wave machines

  • Competition pool - Requires 25m or 50m in length. 7ft to 13.5ft deep . Common dimension is the 10 lane x 16 lanes wide. Needs to follow the International Swimming Federation standards.

  • Infinity pool - seen in resorts and hotels because it features water flowing over one or more edges. Creates a visual impression of merging with the ocean. This is done by a weir’ built a little below the pool level where the edge terminates. Below the weir, collects water spilling over it before being pumped back into the pool.

  • Lap pool - constructed for exercise and fitness purposes. They are long , rectangular and narrow. Often longer than 50 feet

  • Natural pool - They are self cleaning pools that combine swimming area and water gardens. They are lined with rubber or reinforced polyethylene. The friendly bacteria from the wall of rocks, gravel or tiles act as an added biological filter.

  • Plunge pool - small cold water pools that are used for therapeutic purposes.

  • Saltwater pools - is an above ground pool with a saltwater chlorinator.

  • Spool - combination of a spa and a pool, with lukewarm water. Customized for smaller houses.


How to Hire the Best Swimming Pool Builders Near You

We know that you only want the best swimming pool construction companies in UAE for your project. That is why Buildeey only listed the top swimming pool installation and maintenance services UAE.  We have collected the lists of swimming pool builders in Dubai and swimming pool builders in Abu DhabiBut We also have a few tips on what to look for when hiring swimming pool companies in UAE


  1. Know their physical office

It is still safer to know that the contractor you are talking to have a legit office that you can visit.


  1. Contractor’s previous pool projects

Ask for samples or pictures of the swimming pools they have installed. You can assess the quality of the results in this way. You can also take an on site visit to a past pool project.


  1. Pool Installation process

Do not pay in full before they finish the job. Always pay in increments. Discuss with the contractor if you want to pay only 30% down payment, then another 30% when they are half into completion. The remaining balance after the pool project is done correctly.


  1. Length of experience

Pool construction requires alot of skills. These skills can only be acquire through actual experience


  1. Market reputation


You can check if the contractor is part of a trade or professional organization. Get referrals and recommendations from people with swimming pools you will.