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How to calculate the price of a carpet meter using a smart carpet calculator?

When calculating the price of a carpet meter, you may be confused by the numbers provided by the worker.
 so why not calculate the necessary quantity on your own?
In fact, 75% of those wishing to equip rooms with a carpet suffer from problems of wrong measurement, if you do not want such annoying surprises
The solution will be through the smart carpet calculator provided by Buildeey for all customers. But whatever your choice of carpet varieties, there are no
One way to calculate the current in meters, but the methods vary depending on the place of use. For example, you will definitely not use the same method
In the course of calculating the mattresses in meters for the guest room and stairs.

How to calculate the price of the carpet?

It may be the first time you have worked on calculating the price of the carpet, but don't worry, because all you have to do is calculate each room by:

- Enter the length and width of the room in the area field.
- Enter the length and width of the second room in the area field.
- Enter the length and width of the third room in the area field.
- Add some meters to each side for wastage.

To calculate the necessary accommodation in a guest room with a length of 4 meters and a width of 4 meters, you must follow the following steps:

- Enter 4 meters in the length field.
- Enter 4 meters in the width field.
- Add the percentage of waste, let it be 2%.
- Add the price of the carpet meter, let it be its type of Chinese carpet, considering the price of the meter is$3.
Pressing calc to get the total area (16 square meters), the total required carpet (17 square meters) and the cost ($51)
Certainly, if you are one of the owners of previous experiences in calculating the carpet in meters, the issue of waste will be catastrophic, so it is better to calculate the percentage of waste Through the smart carpet calculator in a very simple way, which is the total area plus a percentage of, for example, from 2% to 10.


The method of calculating room furniture in longitudinal and square meters:

Merchants in the Arab world offer a lot of moquette varieties. The calculation of the pallet is usually in longitudinal or square meters, but how to deal with them when buying
The longitudinal meter unit of measurement comes with a fixed width and multiple options of length. While the square meter is equal in length and width, it is sold in specific sizes،
For example, the width of the carpet varies from half a meter to 5 meters.
In any case, square carpets fit into square rooms 4 × 4, 6 × 6, 8 × 8 or 10 × 10 meters, while the size of the square carpet slab comes in 50×50 or 60×60 cm.
Therefore, you should consult the seller and tell him about the shape of the room to choose the right size, in any case, the price in longitudinal meters will be higher than square meters,Therefore, sometimes you need to convert from square meters to longitudinal meters
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Carpet prices in meters in the UAE:

The demand for the carpet was and still is great due to its acceptable cost in comparison and its ability to adapt to different places. In any case, people are often puzzled by the different types of carpets.

So here are the main types of it:

  • The Turkish that is used in guest rooms for its high cost is about 5 dollars.
  • Isfahani is used for high-end villas and hotels at a price of 5 dollars.

The less expensive types are:

  • The Chinese is known for its limited cost and its use in kitchens and hallways, and its price is 3 dollars per meter, with a decrease from the Turkish and Isfahan types by 40%.
  • The Gulf used in Arab councils and its cost is considered acceptable

On the other hand, it is classified by its shape, and one of the most prominent types is the moquette:

  • Ring pile is easy to clean and at an affordable price for children's rooms and salons.
  • The cut pile that spreads in the houses.
  • Suitable for salons and travel.
  • Coarse lint, which is suitable for companies because it is difficult to clean it and its high costs.
  • The box is known for its various options and ease of installation.


Tips for a successful carpet installation process:

Successful installation of the carpet depends primarily on taking measurements correctly, so we recommend that you read the following instructions depending on the type of place:

1. The room:

Start measuring the width and length of the room.
Take into account large windows and doorways.
Add 10 cm to the measurements to allow the carpet to be cut during installation.
Caution when buying that the width of the carpet is larger than the width of the room to avoid running into the delivery problem.

2. Entrances:

Measure the length and width of the hallway from the right with your back to the wall.

3. Stairs:

When measuring the stairs should measure the bottom riser and tread and then multiply the result by the number of steps:
Start measuring from the middle of the doorways instead of the bottom of the walls by reducing the seams to a minimum, moreover, when completing the measurements and starting the installation, be sure to remove all the growths with a scalpel.
Be careful not to cut the carpet in the wrong way.
Take care to hide the line between the pieces of the carpet.
Close the room after installation for a whole day.

Methods of installation of carpets

The calculation of the price of the carpet is different but the installation method is one and certainly difficult when you are alone but following the instructions and discovering the right one facilitates the task.

Just follow the following steps in order:

  • Clean and equip the area by removing the doors and adding fixing materials to the floor.
  • Fully distribute the carpet on the floor.
  • Trim the edges and cut the appendages from the ends to get the right shape.
  • Clean the carpet from waste and excess pieces and return the furniture to its place.

In any case, if you want to install the carpet in an irregular room, it is better to hire a competent and experienced installer, on the other hand, there are some ways to reduce costs.

So here are some tips to help you:

  • The selection of shuttlecocks from major exhibitions that offer different types at costs to suit all budgets.
  • Purchase in the months of discounts which are often during October and December.
  • Request invoice details before starting to find out where you can save money.
If you don't want such annoying surprises, the solution will be through the smart carpet calculator provided by Buildeey for all customers.
But whatever your choice of types of carpet, there is no one way to calculate the carpet in millimeters, but the methods vary depending on the place of use
For example, you definitely will not use the same method while calculating the mattresses in meters for the guest room and staircase.