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A good carpet adds a cozy and comfortable feel to your house.
After all, it’s the first thing to welcome you when you step in.
Among the flooring alternatives for hardwood, carpet is the go-to of most homeowners today.
Follow our guide below for getting the best price deals on the online business directory for your home carpet purchases.
Let’s dig in, shall we?

Cost to install carpet per square foot

Your carpet is the first impression your house makes to your guests. That is why it is vital to ensure it is in good condition.

Differences in floor carpet price depending on these three factors:

  1. Location: Measurement of the areas in your home that require carpeting.
  2. Materials: texture, durability, and purpose.
  3. Style: categorized in accordance to their fiber presentation.

How much does it cost to carpet a 1000 square foot house?

The average carpet cost is around $2.50/ sq. ft.. On the other hand,
the price is approximately $0.94 to $2.25 when you decide to purchase it per tile. 
For a 1,000 sq. ft. 2 bedroom house, the carpet installation cost may range from $5,600 to $9,600.
(See the other factors in the following sections).

What fabric is best for carpet?

Four main materials make a carpet: wool, polyester, nylon, and olefin.
Though there are tons more other materials used, these four are the most exceptional among them.


This very durable carpet material costs around $20 per square foot or $180 a square yard.
Note: 1 sq. yd. = 1 sq. ft. Wool’s soft and dense texture is well suited for low to moderate
foot traffic areas in the house like the living room.
The natural fibers of wool make their colors last longer, thus giving it a better appeal to buyers.  


This synthetic material costs a lot cheaper than natural fibers, at around $2/ sq. ft. or $18/ sq. yd.
It rivals wool in terms of color and appearance but not in durability. 
Its different colors, styles and patterns allow you to be creative with your house flooring.
For beauty, comfort and affordability, polyester is your go-to.


Nylon carpets are best for high foot traffic areas and do not wear out from the constant movement.
Its high durability comes at an affordable $2.50/ sq. ft. or $23/ sq. yd.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Olefin is the most affordable costing only $1 per square foot or $9 per square yard.
Its quick-dry and stain-resistant characteristics are great for basements and bathrooms.
Olefin often gets wear and tear, thus bad for areas with high movement.

Cost of Carpet by Style

The average carpet installation cost is $2.50 per square foot.
Fiber presentation or the weave quality of a carpet is a big pricing factor.
  • Berber ($1.67 - $2.44/ sq. ft.)
  • Saxony ($1.67 - $2.67)
  • Plush ($1.67 - $2.67)
  • Textured Saxony ($1.67 - $2.67)
  • Multi-level loop ($1.67 - $2.67)
  • Fireze ($2.78 - $5)
  • Shag ($2.78 - $5)
  • Cable ($2.78 - $5)
  • Level Loop ($2.78 - $5)
  • Velvet ($2.78 - $5)
  • Cut and Loop ($2.78 - $5)
The durable Berber carpet is for both home and commercial use.
Tall textured rugs are great additions for areas not frequented by people - like the bedroom.

Cost of carpet pad

Carpet pads add resilience and softness to the carpet above them. The four main types are:

  • Bonded Urethane: $0.90/ sq. ft.
  • Waffle Rubber: $1/ sq. ft.
  • Fiber Cushion: $1.25/ sq. ft.
  • Flat Rubber: $2/ sq. ft.

Labor cost

A carpet professional's rate of $1 / sq.ft depends on these four:

  • Removing the old carpet
  • Preparing the subfloor
  • Applying the pads
  • Covering with new carpet
Other cost factors in carpeting
Regular carpet maintenance and repairs is a must.
Liquid and shoe stains are some of the things you need to lookout.
Here are some services of our carpet professionals:
  • Carpet removal
  • Subfloor replacement
  • Adding carpet padding
  • Radiant heating
  • Treatments (from stains and microbes)
On average, carpet maintenance and replacement may cost you not less than $2,000.
The high price comes mostly from professional fees and applying a new subfloor.

How to cut costs in carpet installation?

We always recommend having our experts on the UAE directory to do your carpets.
They have the right equipment and skills to do the job.
Doing the labor yourself may seem to cut your expenses in half, but it is more expensive in terms of maintenance and repairs.
Keep in mind the quality may suffer whenever you cut corners.
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