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How Much Should Resilient Tile Installation Cost? Learn about the best types of Resilient Tile with us

Modern resilient tiles are engineered with a mix of polymer materials.
They are also called vinyl flooring due to their synthetic and natural components Drywall installation is popular with homeowners because you can easily paint anything over it.
Plus, it makes your walls and ceilings sound and humidity proof!
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The Real Cost To Install Resilient Tiles

The average cost to install a drywall per square foot wall ranges from $1.50 - $3. While price  to install drywall to your ceiling is between $2.25 to $3 per square foot
The cost per panel is around $60 - $90, inclusive of material and labor. The actual drywall material for most products is $0.40 to $0.65 per square foot.
You will need around 18 drywall panels for a 12x12 foot room. Meaning drywall installation costs from $1,001 to $2,882 for your average 12x12 room.
The cost to drywall a whole house is around $5,000 - $30,000.
 Construction companies in UAE also consider the kind of drywall finish when they quote their rates. These finishes range from 0 to 5:
  • Level 0: Contractors only hang and attach the drywall to the wall frame.
  • Level 1: They put tapes, seal the seams, and join the compounds to cover the tape.
  • Level 2: Contractors apply one coat of compound mix to the panels, for example, tiling.
  • Level 3: They apply coats of the compound mix for a smooth finish, texture ready.
  • Level 4: Three coats of the compound is applied suitable for flat paint or light finishes.
  • Level 5: Most expensive level of finish, primed for gloss or enamel paint.
Here are the price matrix per square foot according to finish:
  • Level 0 : $1 - $1.50 per sq.ft
  • Level 1 : $1.25 - $1.75 per sq.ft
  • Level 2 : $1.50 - $2 per sq.ft
  • Level 3 : $1.75 - $2.25 per sq.ft
  • Level 4 : $2 - $2.50 per sq.ft
  • Level 5 : $2.25 - $3 per sq.ft

4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Installing Resilient Tiles

  • How old the building is.
  • Added building features, like edges or rounded corner.
  • Natural damage or conditions visible after demolition, for example, rust or mold.
  • Upgrades that present before hanging the new drywall.

How Much Do Resilient Tile Contractors Charge?

Our UAE business directory contractors charge between $50 to $100 per hour to hang your drywall. On the average drywallers make $22 per hour.
Residential drywall installers near me charge per square foot. For example, a 200 square foot room will cost around $1,500.

How Do I Calculate How Much Resilient Tile I Need

Divide the total area by 32  (given you are using square foot measurement and 4x8 sheets).
If not, divide the floor area to be applied by 48 if you will use 4x12 sheets. To get the cost, multiply the total number of sheets by the price per sheet
You can always use our reliable drywall calculator for faster and hassle-free estimations. Or ask our UAE directory experts to help you with peripherals.

What Is The Purpose of Resilient Tiles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Top construction companies in UAE need drywall to make the ceilings and walls of your building.
Contractors use drywall for architectural design features like arches and eaves.


  • Quick dry
  • It can last a long time
  • You can paint over it
  • Can support shelves and frames hanging on it
  • It does not require sanding
  • Less expensive to install
  • More stable than plaster
  • Many types and sizes to choose from
  • Fire resistant
  • Easier to repair
  • Has sound and heat insulation


  • Harder to install. Many pieces need to be measured and cut to cover the wall.
  • It needs wall studs to install
  • Not water nor moisture resistant
  • Messy during installation
  • Joints can be visible between the drywall sheets
  • You cannot install it alone. You will need an assistant
  • Not as flexible as plaster and difficult to bend

How Do I Know If My Wall Is Drywall?

Use a hammer to hit the middle of your wall with a medium-hard swing.
If your hammer goes through the wall's surface, then it is drywall. If your hammer bounces or dents only part of the surface, it is plaster.

What Is The Difference Between Resilient Flooring vs. Vinyl?

Plastering is one of the oldest construction techniques. This white material made from gypsum or lime hardens when dried.
Plasters cover brick or stone masonry. Since plaster powder becomes paste when mixed with water, it needs two coats for full coverage.
Drywall is created by spreading gypsum paste between two large paper sheets. The plasterboard uses wall studs to attach to the surface.

Plasterboard Advantages

  • Thicker and great to soundproof rooms
  • You can paint over its hard material
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not easily crack
  • It spreads equally when mixed with water
  • Mold resistant

Drywall Advantages

  • Thicker plates
  • Cheaper to install
  • Great for soundproofing
  • Fire-retardant
  • It does not crack easily

Maintenance and Improvement Costs

Drywall replacements cost around $2 to $3.50 per square foot, including $0.40 to $0.50 per square foot for demolition. 
If you have a 200 square-foot room, prepare to pay $300 to $500 to remove and dispose of the old material.
The cost to demolish drywall inside an interior is between $1,100 to $4,900. Wood panel removal and replacing it with drywall costs $2 to $4.50 per square foot. 
Thicker panels and hard-to-remove wood may require special tools, thus making it more expensive.
Removing plaster and replacing it with drywall is around $1.60 to $3.80 per square foot. Place includes $0.50 to $0.80 per square foot for demolition and $0.10 to $0.20 per square foot for cleaning and disposal.

Other Possible Upgrades

  • Asbestos Removal: $1,200-$2,900
  • Lead paint removal: $1,600-$5,700
  • Mold removal: $1,200-$3,400

How To Hang Drywall In Your Home? DIY Steps

  1. Put adhesive to the studs, starting with the top. Your wall stud is the frame that holds your structure in place. It helps keep the drywall panel in place to prevent nail heads from popping out.
  2. Hammer a few nails to the first sheet, horizontally across the ceiling and close to the wall corner. Make sure both vertical sides align with studs.
  3. Add 1/4 inch when measuring the space left. Mark the front of the second panel. Snap the front of the gypsum and cut the paperback using your knife. Smoothen edges with a rasp.
  4. Hammer ring drywall nails into the second piece. 
  5. Mark the studs because that is where you will place your screws.
  6. Put the screws into the marked studs at 16 inches apart from the middle. And 8 inches along your vertical joints. Place a 3/8 inch gap between the screws and the edge.
  7. Measure the height and width for the bottom row and cut. Use steps 2 and 3 above.
  8. Measure from the bottom of the top panel going up to the top of the electrical box. Transfer the same mark to the new piece of drywall
  9. Measure the height and width of the electrical box and create it on the new piece of drywall. 
  10. Hold the panel into place and keep it 1/2 inch off the floor. Hold it in place using tacks.
  11. Hang your next piece and add all the screws into place.
  12. Cut out windows and doors using a wood saw while hanging the drywall. Joints created at the door or window corner increase the appearance of cracks later. Avoid them
  13. Avoid seam creation at window corners while hanging the bottom panel. Make cutouts using a saw.
  14. Cut and leave around 1/8 inch of wiggle room for inside corners. Apply joint compound  on the gap later
  15. Hang the panel on the corner of one side. Then secure the adjacent panel, Cut the excess backside of the overhang.
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