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How much does room skirting cost?

Skirting boards usually cost between $9 and $150 per meter.
The price varies based on the type, size, and intricacies of the area covered.
There are three main types of skirting boards used for interiors:
  1. Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF (2.4 meters): $20 to $28, excluding labor and equipment costs
  2. Softwood: $28 to $40
  3. Hardwood: $40 to $55
Depending on your region or city, the professional fee runs from $68 to $107 per hour.
The rate varies based on job complexity and additional prep work.
Replacing and installing new skirting boards cost the most. For a 216 square foot area, prepare $200 to $275.

What affects the total cost of skirting?

  1. Type of Skirting: Apart from the three types mentioned above, the following skirting boards are also widely used:
  • Painted timber
  • Feathered edged vinyl
  • High-coved Terrazzo 
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Pacific Maple
  1. Dimensions of the board
  2. Intricacies of the tasks (replacement and corners)
  3. Location
  4. Taxes

Professional/ Labor fees

Professionals charge between $68 and $107 for the installation and painting process.
On top of this, an additional $375 could also arise for the fitting job.
Activities that increase labor costs include wall preparation, board painting requirements, removing and disposing of the old boards.

Should you install skirting boards? 

  • Skirting boards provide long-term protection of your walls. Specifically, it gives the functional gap between the floor, wall, and furniture.
  • They highlight the wall by acting as a ‘“frame” Compared to bland, un-skirted walls, floor skirting could add to the appearance of the interior.
  • It Covers moisture, water, and ugly patches.
  • Adds beauty to the overall floor appearance.


  • If not installed correctly, it could be an obstacle at your house.
  • Difficult to remove and may even damage the floor.
  • Some types require more prep work, for example, painting.

Skirting board vs. architrave

Skirting boards run along the base of house walls.
It adds protection to the edges against liquid that may seep in and damage the walling and flooring.
This board also comes in different forms, shapes, and colors. Great for mix and matches.
The architrave is also like a frame but runs around the edges of doors, windows, and other openings. Its addition provides movement and highlights.

Calculating the skirting board length you need

Measure and add together the length of each wall.
Then, divide the sum by the size of your chosen skirting board. Skirting boards come in lengths of 2ft, 4ft, or 5ft.
To compensate for the possible breakage and defect, provide an extra 10% to the total length you need.

Maintenance and other additional costs

Homeowners do the maintenance tasks like:
  • Dusting and sweeping the boards
  • Washing and scrubbing them with soap
  • Rubbing boards with tumble dryer sheet at least once a month
But, if your skirting boards need a replacement, it is recommended to hire a professional.
Replacing and installing new boards cost between $200 and $275, plus the cost of materials and equipment.