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Top tile installation tips that cut your expenses to half

A trip to the tiles section of a depot store will show you why porcelain tiles are a favourite by many homeowners.
Their remarkable density makes tile installation easier.
Kaolin clay mixture fired between 2,200 and 2,500 degrees forge these characteristics in porcelain tiles.
Its large amount of mass per surface area is what makes porcelain tiles great for your house flooring.
Though porcelain tiles may be more expensive than others, they are still popularly used.
The national average cost of installing porcelain tiles on a 200 sq. ft. floor ranges from $2,200 to $4,400.

Why is porcelain tile installation cost so expensive?

Installation costs depend on different factors like floor tile installation methods,
location, materials etc. It can be hard at first, but we compiled all you need to know to help you get a great deal from our material suppliers.
Design - A minimum of $2,200 worth of porcelain tiles are needed to fill a 200 sq. ft. area,
while the same floor area can cost up to $7,100 for a high-end design.
Below are the five most common tile designs and their corresponding prices.
  • Slate-look -  Price ranges from $3 to $20 per square foot.
  • Stone-look -  It costs similar to slate patterns.
  • Wood-grain look -  Average cost ranges from $5 to $15.
  • Metallic - The most expensive one starts at $20 and can go as high as $30 per sq. ft.
  • Polished marble-look - Middle range price that costs from $5 to $20.
Type - Ceramic or porcelain tiles can range from $2 to $30 per square foot. Most homeowners spend between $9 to $40 per sq. ft. on average.
The lowest is $10  which is about half of the high-end tiles listed at $20 per sq. ft.
  • Unglazed porcelain has a starting price of $2 to $15. Depending on its material and where it came from, the same price goes for the other types.
  • Matte porcelain costs $2 to $30.
  • Polished and Mosaic for $5 to $30.
  • Glazed porcelain ranges from $3 to $30.

How do you price a tile job?

Some floor tile installation near me uses hourly rates in charging their labour fee. 
Most floor installation fees start at $30 to $120 per hour. But others charge per square foot to calculate the tile installation cost. It ranges from $4 to $30 per sq. ft.

Installation prices by the tile pattern

Different sizes of rectangle and square porcelain tiles create various patterns. Straight set and 
stacked brick costs range from $9 to $40 per square foot. Meanwhile, the herringbone, running bond, 
diagonal, basketweave, and Versailles porcelains are available for $10.35 to $48 per sq. ft.

What is a fair price for floor tile installation costs?

As mentioned above, various factors determined the prices.
Here, we will show the floor tile installation prices according to where in the house they are installed.
The lowest average installation cost is the shower which ranges only from $108 to $480.
We placed a floor tile calculator here to help make the computations easier for you.
Hallway - $324 to $2,160
Bathroom - $405 to $4,000
Mudroom - $900 to $4,000
Kitchen - $900 to $8,000
Patio  - $1,944 to $8,640
Garage - $2,592 to $23,040 
Basement - being the highest ranging from $9,000 to $40,000.

Cost of floor tile replacements

Floor tile replacements may cost you around $5 to $8 per square foot, depending on the price of the new tile. 
However, there could also be miscellaneous fees that could arise during the process.

Care and maintenance of porcelain floor tiles

Porcelain tiles are also famous for their durability.
They can withstand the high foot traffic environment, with only little to no breakage or signs of wearing.
On the downside, porcelain tiles are more expensive.
They are also harder to install as they are heavier and denser.
Porcelain floor tiles are relatively easy to clean. Dust, liquid, and dirt could be removed with less effort using a vacuum or a mop.
Some textured tiles, trap dirt which requires some scrubbing. To avoid staining, use a protective coating like a grout sealer.

Porcelain vs. Ceramic Tiles

Like the porcelain tiles, ceramics are made out of kaolin clay, but only in smaller amounts.
The more notable difference between the two is in their ability to absorb water.
Porcelain absorbs less water in contrast with ceramic tiles, giving them a longer useful life.

Porcelain vs. Marble

Marble tiles are more luxurious-looking than porcelains. Its resale value increases over time.
The downside of using marble is that it requires frequent maintenance, which could be costly.
Porcelain, in comparison, is more durable and less susceptible to damage.

Porcelain vs. Vinyl Plank

In terms of structure, porcelain tiles are denser, heavier, and more durable than vinyl planks.
The latter, however, is significantly lower in cost yet is almost the same in terms of appearance.
Enhancements and improvement costs
When getting new floors, removing the old ones first rather than directly putting them on top is highly recommended.
 It may cost you only up to $4 per square foot for the removal. After this, check the condition of the subfloor. 
If it’s not suitable for new flooring, then it should be repaired. This part may cost you around $500 to $700 per room.
Apart from the factors mentioned above in tile flooring costs, other considerations include grout joints, high-traffic areas,
tile size, and additional stocks (for future use). 
Repairs and maintenance costs may arise unexpectedly, so one should be sure to be ready for such. 
Trying DIY tile installation steps for the first time can be scary, especially when the comfort of your family is at stake. 
We highly recommend you contact our professionals in Buildeey. 
Hiring an experienced and trained Buildeey expert gives you peace of mind that your house is safe. 
Check out our other articles on home maintenance to better care for your house.