Best Landscape companies in KSA

Different Types of Landscaping Services

  • Tree and shrub pruning/hedging

Maintining the shape, remove dry, dead or diseased leaves and help growth.

  • Spring and fall clean up

This includes grass dividing, bed edging, seasonal perennial trim down, and mulch raking.

  • Edging and mulching

Done twice a year. Its benefits are: weed minimization, root insulation, and water retention.

  • Irrigation system issues

Fixing and starting irrigation systems even in winter. A list of landscaping companies in KSA offer this service.

  • Lawn Renovation (Feed and Protect)

Five-step chemical program to protect plants from fungal issues, grubs and brown-patch.

  • General bed maintenance

Removal of dried leaves and debris, weeding, monitoring of branches, ground cover trimming.

  • Seasonal display

Adding lights, decors and flowers for the holidays. Major landscaping companies in KSA offer this service to many homeowners.

  • Leaves removal - Most households have the top landscaping companies in KSA, do this twice a season.
  • Lawn mowing - This is a common service offered by landscaping companies list in KSA. It includes edging, string trimming, and hard surfaces.


How to Hire the Best Landscape Services Provider Near You

Landscaping is an important part of your family or business’ lifestyle. It should only be handled by pros.

The biggest landscaping companies in KSA are found here in Buildeey.

Tips to Hire the best landscaping companies in the KSA

  • Ask for proof of license, permits, liability insurance, and certificates

It's best to make sure the person you are talking to has complete papers

  • Look for someone with enough experience

Do this by asking about their past projects and check their client ratings.

  • Work with someone familiar with the permits and codes of your area

That gets things done faster.

  • Ask about their follow up maintenance service

Pros will give you plant care instructions and warranty on their work.

  • Get a quote or estimate

This helps you decide if they are charging correctly or not.


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