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Typically round, octagon or hexagonal, the gazebo features open sides, often with rails and seating that allows ample room for entertaining. The roof slopes upward to a cone and is generally enclosed, protecting guests from rain and weather. Gazebos vary in size from a few feet in diameter for casual dining or relaxation to large structures to hold a band for outside performances.

Pergolas, also referred to as arbors, may be either wooden or wrought iron and feature open sides and tops. Pergolas are either square or rectangular. The lattice-like structure is often covered with vines that climb gracefully up the sides and along the top. Pergolas provide some shade for relaxing or entertaining, but do not provide protection from rain and weather. These structures are typically built to highlight the natural beauty of climbing flowers.

Perhaps you are wondering whether a Pergola or a Gazebo is what you need, so here are some facts that you can consider on picking one:

  • Gazebos are typically round or octagonal, while pergolas are square or rectangular.
  • Gazebos have a roof, while pergolas have cross beams, but no roof. 
  • Gazebos are separate from any other structure while pergolas can link two structures together or stand alone.

Most landscaping contractors offers, outdoor shades, pergolas and gazebos, tent, and outdoor wooden gazebo which meets the growing demand for high quality services provided by professionals. Most Residential Areas, Commercial building made contracts with landscaping contractors in providing these services.