Ready Mix Concrete and Blocks Suppliers in Dubai

With the rise of modern technology, so is the race to be the best city.  Dubai’s skyscrapers and smart houses prove to be some of the best competitors to beat. These mega buildings need concrete blocks dubai are in demand. The best place to look for ready mix concrete dubai is with Buildeey. We have been working with only the best concrete block suppliers in UAE for years. You can completely trust your offices, business and houses on these professional suppliers.

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Prices Concrete and Block Products in Dubai

Factors affecting the price ranges of concrete in dubai

  1. Design options

Although there are ready made designs out in the market, some clients want a custom design. Customized blocks are more expensive than the basic or prefabricated blocks. Ask a concrete mix supplier in dubai for quotations of the designs.

  1. Finish

Grey is the most common or generic finish of concrete blocks. But sometimes you want to take your blocks to the next level by getting a different finish. A concrete supplier in dubai can use stenciling, pattern stamping or acid staining to make your blocks stand out. Of Course that will cost more.

  1. Labour and manpower

Concrete repair companies in dubai pay employees to make concrete cement. They pour it, spread and let it cure, before you can buy your blocks. The salary of those people add to the cost of the concrete blocks you buy. 

Dubai Concrete and Block Suppliers - FAQ

Which block is best for construction?

Concrete suppliers in dubai  will suggest dense aggregate blocks as the best. Because these blocks are the used in majority of the constructions


How do you make strong concrete blocks?

Any concrete supplier in dubai knows that combining aggregates results in strong blocks. The common mixture is that of gravel, powdered portland cement, sand and water.


Do concrete blocks deteriorate?

It does deteriorate if not waterproofed. You see concrete is porous. In time water, moisture or rain water will pool and be trapped inside the block causing it to crumble.


What causes concrete block spalling?

Spalling or the chipping off of concrete blocks is caused by several reasons. It can be a corrosion of the reinforcing steel as a result from water or chemical exposure. A wrong placement of the concrete block on its reinforcement.  Or galvanic reactions between the metals embedded in the cement matrix.