Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Do you know why it is the kitchen and bathroom that gets remodelled the most? Because kitchen contractors Abu Dhabi know where you do most of your activities. All that cooking, washing, cutting and cleaning needs a sturdy area. And Buildeey took care of gathering the best contractors to renovate your home.

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Prices Ranges of Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Renovations in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The average cost for bathroom remodel ideas and kitchen renovation abu dhabi is around AED 10,000 to AED 20,000. But what are the factors that affect the rise and fall of these prices? Read below to know some of these.

Unpopular elements that affect prices of a kitchen remodeling (and appliances is not the biggest expense)

  • 29% goes to hardware and cabinets
  • Only 14% goes to appliances
  • 5% of your expenses goes to the lights


Factors that drive your bathroom renovation costs

  • Simple works (installations minor fixtures and overhauls) It can be as small as paint jobs, installation of light fixtures or changing of vanity storages. To as major as installing the showers.
  • Bathroom layout - This is one of the major aspects that affect the cost. If your layout involves moving a wall and increasing the floor size, then it will really shoot up your expenses.
  • Plumbing - This is an obvious one because the bathroom involves a lot of water work ( and they don’t come cheap!). Plumbing is not limited to changing toilets or sinks. It includes the maintenance of pipes and valves.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Experts in Abu Dhabi, UAE - FAQ

Why are bathroom renovations so expensive?

Bathroom remodel ideas tend to be so expensive because it requires a lot of labor and plumbing.  The water works, tiles and flooring also add to the rise in costs.

Why are kitchen remodels so expensive?

Kitchen renovation ideas are so expensive because of the added aspects. The mechanical, plumbing, waterproofing, aesthetic and electrical requirements.

Can a plumber remodel a bathroom?

A plumber is part of the licensed professionals needed for bathroom renovations. The other licensed professional needed is a waterproofer for the shower and floors. Just like kitchen contractors who hire lumbers for the sinks but also need carpenters for the cabinets.

How often should you update your bathroom?

Since the fixtures and colors of a bathroom begins to have problems every five years. It is best to remodel every 4 to 5 years, based on contractors that offer bathroom renovation Abu Dhabi.