Top Metal Suppliers and Steel Contractors in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The world has never been the same when metal was discovered. Now the metal and steel companies in Abu dhabi continue to provide us with the metal we need. You can message them here in our Buildeey list for easier communication.

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 Prices of Different Metal Products and Materials in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The average prices of Copper grade A cathode are between Dh 22,015 - Dh 24,066 per Metric Ton as based on the published article Copper, grade A cathode monthly price of Index Mundi.

But what factors commonly affect the different metal products of metal suppliers in abu dhabi? We compiled them to help you understand the price fluctuations of steel fabrication companies in abu dhabi better.

  • Supply of Raw Materials 

The steel manufacturing companies in abu dhabi depend on raw materials for production. If materials are scarce, prices go high.

  • International or Local Transport  

Always consider transportation costs when buying or selling something. Most new sellers forget this factor, thus resulting in incorrect pricing.

  • Labor Productions

The metal construction industry is one labor intensive business. Labor wage hikes, strikes etc affect the increase of your metal prices.

  • Weak Economic Conditions

During this period demand and prices for some metals go down.

  • Seasonal Manufacturing Cycles 

A good example of this is copper. Demand for copper is observed to increase in late Winter up to early Spring seasons. because copper is used for automotive and housing productions by Spring and Summer.


Get to Know More about Metal Suppliers and Contractors in Abu Dhabi, UAE - FAQ

What are the common types of metals?

Common types of metals steel structure companies in abu dhabi are:

  • Steel - They are further classified as Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. 
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Iron - It is divided into Wrought Iron or Cast Iron
  • Bronze
  • Magnesium

What metals are used in construction?

These are stainless steel, copper, carbon steel and aluminum. Steel companies in abu dhabi sell them in architecture and construction industries.

What is the most common metal used?

It is STEEL. Proof of this are the nearly 2 billion tons of manufactured steel around the world per year. Plus it has 3,500 different grades and used by steel construction companies abu dhabi widely. 

What is metal construction?

This is using metals to create structural components such as cladding, pipework, electrical etc. Structural steel fabrication companies in abu dhabi thrive in the metal construction industry.  Because metals have good thermal and electrical conductivity, ductile, malleable, hard and fusible.