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Buildeey has always been an advocate of safety and innovation. We partnered with trusted security companies in abu dhabi with your welfare in mind.  According to a 2019 research, there is a burglary that happens every 23 seconds. The number gets higher in developing countries. A professional security system abu dhabi is vital for the safety of your business and home security. It keeps the criminals and would be intruders as far away as possible.


What are the factors that may affect the cost of your Security System and Security Companies in Abu Dhabi?

  • Professionally Installed or DIY home security systems- On the surface, it will be cheaper if you install your own. But the peace of mind you will get when you have a pro install is priceless
  • Wireless or wired - Wired security systems for home usually requires construction and drilling. Inorder to have the same aesthetic result as the wireless
  • Scope of the system - The best home security system does not only protect you from burglars but also from environmental factors. Examples of these are: high temperatures, smoke, moisture, fire etc.
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Security Companies in Abu Dhabi - FAQ

What is the best smart home monitored security system?

There are more than one home security system abu dhabi for this. But more than one review magazine said that SimpliSafe is the best. It's affordability, easy usage & installation. And compatibility with some Alexa and Google voice commands bested others.


What are the different types of alarm systems?

There are 4 types of professional security system abu dhabi. 1) Wired Home Alarm System which is your basic burglar alarm. 2) Wireless home Alarm System. 3) Monitored Home Alarm Systems which is the most popular. 4) Unmonitored Security System which sets off a very loud siren when the alarm is triggered.


How much does a home security system cost?

The home security systems average upfront cost is between $100 to $250, with a monthly expense rage of $10 to $35 


What equipment should be paired with a home security system?

There is alot of good equipment that is good for pairing with home security systems. But among these will be a good home automation and a reliable home security camera.


What is professional monitoring? 

This is the service that “checks” for  signals in the ring alarm system.  It can alert the authorities when a security threat is detected, It acts when the monitoring center receives a signal that can be a possible threat. Professional security systems can dispatch emergency services to your home when there is an emergency.


Do I need professional monitoring for my home?

Yes. It is very helpful in cases that you are not around in your house or office. If you have children or elderly in your home, this is also recommended home security. As there are more susceptible to accidents and emergencies.