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Have you noticed those cameras at a banks’ or commercial establishments ceiling, that seem to be watching your every move? You are right, they are indeed watching you and everyone inside the building. Closed Circuit TV / CCTV or CCTV camera is defined as a self-contained surveillance system composed of cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities in a store or company. It is a vital component in security systems worldwide. 

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In this modern era, where technology has become so consumable and affordable, houses also are getting their own personal home security systems and home security cameras.  But how do you select the best security system to ensure your family’s safety? Here are five various types of home security systems to guide us in our selections.

  • Monitored Alarm System - These home security system works like an enhanced local alarm system. The cctv camera has a connection to a monitoring service other than the alarm. So if your alarm gets tripped, a service professional is available to assist 24/7. When an intrusion is identified, an agent calls you if it is a real break-in or just a false alarm. In the case of a real intrusion, the police will be alerted right away so they can arrive in minutes at your house. Fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are also monitored in your household
  • Smoke Alarm  System - These are well known as the best security system to guard you against fire and smoke. It is composed of a series of wireless or hardwired smoke detectors and strobe lights. Installing a full fire alarm system with a heat detector, a smoke detector, and an in-home sprinkler system can strengthen your home against fires.
  • Burglar Alarm Systems - This is the central feature of most home security systems. It contains motion detectors, window and door sensors. When these sensors are tripped, it sends a signal to the primary control panel, which sets off a loud alarm and the police will be notified that a break-in is happening in your home.
  • Medical Alarm System - This alarm has an emergency button accessible on a home security system. This will alert the security that help is needed. This is highly essential for those who have elderly, sick members or children around.
  • Critical Alarm System - This is a unique alarm because it protects you from high property damage. How? It monitors your heating and plumbing remotely. Therefore it will continue monitoring even when you are not home. This alarm informs the security if a pipe bursts.

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