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Steel Fabrication Companies in Dubai make up the core of dubai metal industries. Dubai metal industries are fundamentals in construction and engineering. Buildeey has always helped businesses like you find a reliable fabrication companies in dubai. The bridges, mega structures and our comfortable homes. All these are made possible because of these trusted steel fabrication companies in dubai that Buildeey shows.

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The Price of your Steel and Metal Fabrication project/job

  1. Raw material prices - steel companies in dubai change their prices when raw material market prices fluctuate.
  2. The amount of labor needed - some projects require more physical work and skills needed than other projects. Steel manufacturing companies in dubai factor in the amount of physical work their employees have put in.
  3. Design Complexity - if your project requires use of many fabrication machines, then it will be more expensive. Metal fabrication companies in uae usually have standard designs in place but they agree to customize projects according to the client’s special requests. But ofcourse that will cost you.
  4. Quantity - A steel company in dubai  adjustst their quotation depending on the number of orders you will get.


Steel and Metal Fabrication Services FAQ

What is metal fabrication used for?

Metal fabrication industry is used to shape metal into a final product or parts of it. It is the process of turning raw materials into pre-made sections for assembly.


What is the difference between fabrication and manufacturing?

Steel fabrication companies in dubai are in the process of making a product assembling different standardized parts. A manufacturing company in dubai converts raw materials to a finished product by using a large scale industrial machinery.


How is fabrication done?

Fabrication or metal fab is done by joining pieces, welding, bind with adhesives, riveting, threaded, fasten, bend materials or crimping the seams.


What is Aluminium fabrication?

Aluminium fabrication works is the process sheet metal fabrication companies in uae do to shape aluminum to an end product. Example of this is a solar panel part or an outdoor enclosure.