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What do desktops, smartphones and printers have in common with doorbells, thermostats and audio/visual systems? They communicate with one another via a computer network. That network needs to be installed, maintained and fixed. That is why Buildeey has a list of reliable networking companies in uae. So you can consult networking experts to help you with more than your cable and router problems.

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Common Types of Cable and Networking Services in UAE

There are two general types of networks: Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). A list of networking companies in uae specialize in LAN’s. A local Area Network is very popular with schools, buildings, labs or any other confined small areas. Here computers called workstations or clients are connected to a server network.

The server network run 24/7 with or without human usage, because the server needs to provide services to the workstations. These network services can include but are not limited to: access control, printing, network and computer security, faxing, network resources, data storage and retrieval, software hosting, messaging, file storage and sharing etc. This is why servers are more powerful than personal computers.

The workstations or clients are computers with a human user that interacts with the network. Workstations can be tablets, laptops, desktops or any other touch screen devices. As long as the workstations allows you to interact with the networking companies and use their services.

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is used by networking companies in uae to connect networks in larger geographic areas like your city, country or the world. This is usually done by using a satellite uplink or transoceanic cable when connecting between countries.  Other things used to create a Wide Area Network are routers, multiplexers, bridges and LAN’s.


What to Look for when Hiring a Cable and Networking Company UAE

Buildeey has a list of licensed cisco networking companies in uae, ready to help you anytime you need them. But how do you choose the best cable and networking company for your project?

Here are some traits to look for good computer networking companies in uae:

  1. Ability to work alone and with a team. The best networking companies in uae know and do this.
  2. Great communication skills. This also entails good listening skills. All IT networking companies in uae make sure they communicate well, all feasible solutions with their clients. 
  3. Creative troubleshooter with excellent problem solving skills.
  4. Good hand dexterity as the technician will need to do manual labor related to cabling, power distribution and fix hardware.
  5. Attention to detail.
  6. Wide technical knowledge and skills.
  7. Fast self learner that can work under minimal supervision.
  8. Trusted and recommended by reliable references.
  9. Someone who knows and are honest about their limitations.
  10. Good time management skills
  11. Has good analytical and critical thinking skills.
  12. Has the ability to know when to adapt and when to change solutions
  13. Someone who knows when the solution is not working and actually asks help from someone who knows better.
  14.  Someone who handles pressure well.