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Modern construction relies a lot on heavy equipment. These earth moving equipment are responsible for most of the dirty jobs like moving boulders and excavating. In construction, the type of heavy construction equipment to be used highly depends on the size and purpose of the project. Some of the common projects are routine road maintenance, highway construction, high tower structures, bridge construction, forestry etc.

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For roadway creation, structural building sites, pipeline and sewer projects; earth moving equipment are needed for excavating earth and rocks. Sometimes this process is accompanied by explosives for the removal of natural obstructions from the building sites. Heavy equipment machinery also aids in the construction of railways, tunnels and busy highways. Heavy machinery like loaders, backhoes, graders, and bulldozers are very important in grading, scraping, digging and general landscaping. These construction equipment shape the land of rough terrain to provide the most structurally sound area possible on the construction site.

Construction projects also rely on good transportation of material, water, concrete, waste, and tools in and out of work sites. Duties that are made easier by dump trucks, tractors, cranes, conveyors, and host beams. The moving of heavy equipment machinery or reaching far / high areas are a daily sight in construction that is dominated by this construction equipment. Even the seemingly general tasks of nailing, drilling and grinding are powered by heavy types of equipment pneumatic hand tools, compressed air systems, and hydraulic hammers. Another common procedure in construction is compacting loose soil. Whether the engineers are elevating the site grounds by adding more soil or just propping up the existing ground for firmer building; soil compaction is a vital foundation of any site project. This is where compactors, wheelers, and rollers come in handy.

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