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Heavy equipment companies in uae are vital to businesses. Why? Because they minimize costs and make operations easier. Below are benefits of  getting heavy equipment supplier services. Updated T...

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Manifold Systems International FZC
  Warehouse No. W-1/4, Hamriyah Free ZonePhase 11, Gate No. 2, Ajman  UAE Warehouse No. W-1/4, Hamriyah Free ZoneP..., Ajman  UAE
Service: Heavy Equipments

Manifold Systems International   Manifold Systems International FZC is a maker of Well Service, Well Testing and Drilling gear. MSI FZC is a UAE-based organization...

Manifold Systems International   Manifold Systems International...

Manifold Systems International FZC
  Warehouse No. W-1/4, Hamriyah Free ZoneP..., Ajman  UAE
Service: Heavy Equipments Manifold Systems International   Manifold Systems International...
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General Types of Heavy Equipment used in Constructions

Auto Loading

Used for larger incineration operations weighing over and above 200kg/hr. It’s used to substitute manual loading of  large, heavy equipment. Some customers request fit ram loaders and bin tippers to smaller units for better safety.

Bin Tippers, Elevators and Container Handling

Transports and / or stores the company wastes to the incinerator in wheeled bins or containers. Its process includes a tipping mechanism to the type and volume of company waste. These procedures are protected with safety precautions.


Ram Loaders

This technology uses a hydraulic driven loading operation. It powers waste into the incinerator chamber using an interlocked safety door. Thus preventing ingress of uncontrolled air to the chamber.

Crushers, Shredders and Conveyors

Used in pre-treatment crushing idense waste like timber. Shredders are often used for animal carcass incinerators. This not only enables larger quantities to process before conveyance to the hopper. This increases surface area to boost combustion efficiency.


Auto De-Ashing

It reduces the need for intensive manual clearance.  This process benefits when increasing the incinerator productivity. Normal as removal like de-ashing does not require company operations to shut down.

Ash Bin

This is built within stepped hearth incinerators. It's a hydraulic ram used to push waste through the combustion process. After receiving blasts of cooled air, the ash is  released into a wheeled ash container.


Fuel Systems

Heavy equipment companies in UAE design and manufacture incinerators with the fuel specifications. Matching environmental limitations and circumstances. This is dependent on 3 things: destination, company design and incinerators with fuel specifications. It also matches the environmental limitation with given circumstances.

Electrical Generators

Used with a portable electrical generator. Powered either by gas or diesel. It can supply stand-alone generators. These are smaller incinerators used in remote or outlying locations. 


How to Hire the Best Heavy Equipment Supplier Company in UAE

Our heavy equipment companies in uae here in Buildeey are often sought after by businesses. It is because of their professionalism and expertise. You can browse in our listings for heavy equipment rental companies in uae. But before that, read first the things to look for in hiring heavy equipment rental companies. 


Read reviews

Always read reviews made by clients and previous partners before commiting. 



Check the condition of the machinery
Equipment breakdowns that occur at work will lead to costly delays and accidents.