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You have worked hard and now your business is booming. As a gift to yourself for doing such an excellent job, you want to build your dream house. Not just any house, you want it worthy to be among the luxurious homes in UAE. You want it to be iconic so you need a reliable concrete supplier in Abu dhabi. You know the best place to look for concrete contractors abu dhabi is here in Buildeey. Because we listed some of the best concrete contractors in UAE  to serve your concrete needs. So here you are browsing through our professionals page.

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Prices of Concrete Contractor Services in Abu Dhabi

Factors affecting the price ranges of concrete in dubai

  1. Manually mixed or with equipment

Some concrete barrier supplier in abu dhabi will consider if the ingredients are poured and mixed manually? Or will it be done by an equipment? The cost will differ.

  1. Land terrain 

If you site location has alot of shrubs, boulders or trees, the concrete mixer supplier in abu dhabi will be happy to clear them first. But it will not be free. That will add up to your concrete costs.

  1. Follow up and maintenance

Concrete contractors abu dhabi do follow up on some projects if it needs to. Or sometimes the project cannot be finished one time and it needs to be maintained. These are part of the contractors services.

Abu Dhabi Concrete Contractors - FAQ

What is stronger cement or concrete?

Cement is a binder, some concrete contractors UAE will say. While concrete forms the bulk and gets stronger as it stays longer. Concrete is a mixture of sand and gravel aggregates and a water plus portland cement paste. 


What are the advantages of concrete?

According to concrete supplier UAE there are several advantages to concrete. 

  • It is safer and more secure
  • Concrete has the lowest carbon footprint over its lifecycle
  • Maximum resilience, durability and longevity 
  • Does not rot, burn or rust
  • More economical
  • Can cast into shape
  • Recyclable thus it is environment friendly


What are the disadvantages of concrete?

  • Concrete may have visible powdery salt deposits on the surface
  • Concrete has a lower tensile strength
  • It is less ductile


How long will concrete last?

Depending on how it was produced and maintained, it should last between 300 to 100 years.