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Either you have a new construction, a home remodeling or getting your fuse fixed. Electrical companies in UAE are more versatile than expected. They do electrical installation, maintenance and repair services. Not only in houses but also in malls, schools and factories.

Here are 4 benefits in hiring the best UAE electrical contractors & electricians:

  1. Great job

A list of electrical companies in uae have professional electricians. They do an excellent job on taking care of your electrical systems

  1. Always within standards

Top electrical companies in UAE make sure they pass the electrical board standards

  1. Safety

This is the priority of every professional electrician

  1. Reliability

Our best electrical companies in UAE in Buildeey deliver at the agreed deadline

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Different Types of Electrical Contractors & Electricians

  • Electricians - They are the most common. They handle the household electrical needs

  • Low Voltage Conductors - will systems that use less than 600 VAC

  • HVAC Contractors - They specialize in HVAC systems in houses and commercial buildings

  • Specialized contractors - They work on specific fields like elevators and escalators


Types of Electricians

  • Residential - They install and maintain anything in a house.

  • Commercial - They work on larger projects like malls, offices and buildings

  • Outside Lineman - They power lines tand posts.

  • Maintenance - They ensure the safety and efficiency of power grids and factories

  • Electrical Machine Repairer and Rewinder - They maintain transformers and compressors. They check and assemble wind and connect coils, and electrotechnology components. Rewind single phase and three phase machines

  • Highway Systems Electrician - They install and maintain road systems and sustainable transportation.

  • Industrial Electrician - they maintain chemical plants, power plants and manufacturing facilities

  • Automotive - They specialize  with buses , cars, trucks and other vehicles. They maintain anti-lock, ignition, anti theft, air conditioning and heating, transmissions.

  • Aviation - They inspect, install, test, maintain and repair electrical systems on aircrafts.

  • Marine - They work with systems for tankers, boats, yachts, and cruise ships

  • Powerhouse and substation - It has 3 sub categories:

    • Powerhouse high voltage AC electricity generation to substations

    • Substation technicians that lower the high voltage from the powerhouse. Preparing it to be transmitted to houses and offices.

    • They maintain the relays that control power voltages between the powerstation and houses

  • Wind Turbine - They assemble, maintain and rewire the turbines at windmill towers.

  • Telecommunications Line Installer and Repairer - They maintain telephone, internet and cable lines

  • Security and Fire Alarm Installer - They maintain fire, smoke and security alarms.

  • Electrotechnical panel builders - They use programmable logic controls to connect and assemble large panels for industrial machinery


How to Hire the Best Electrical Contractors & Electricians Near You

Looking at a long list of electrical contractors & electricians in the directory might be confusing. That is why Buildeey gathered the best electrical companies in UAE here in one site. Below are some straightforward tips in hiring an electrician:

  • Verify their license and insurance

  • Check their credentials and training

  • Read reviews and ratings about the company

  • Verify the company’s experience with commercial buildings

  • Get recommendations and referrals from others


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