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When looking for the right professionals to complete some woodwork for you, all you need to do is open Buildeey’s. All the top joinery companies in abu dhabi are listed in our database. We have been working alongside different UAE locations with many renowned joinery companies UAE for years. Your wood projects are in the best hands with us.


The cost Joinery Companies' Services in Abu Dhabi

  1. Material - the type of wood, durability and look affect the price of the job.
  2. Size - A carpentery company in abu dhabi knows that the bigger the size of your project, the more material, labor, time and energy it costs them.
  3. Design - a good abu dhabi carpenter understands that the complexity of your design will need more intricate wood works. Thus will cost more.
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Carpentry & Joinery Services in Abu Dhabi - FAQ

What are the different types of carpentry?

Carpentry companies in abu dhabi have 9 types. 1) Rough Framing Carpentry, 2) Finish Trim Carpentry, 3) Cabinet Maker Carpentry, 4) Deck Builder Carpentry 5) Millwright 6) Shipwright, 7) Siding and Window Installer, 8) Roofer, 9) Flooring Installer, 


What is the difference between rough carpentry and finish carpentry?

A carpenter abu dhabi that specializes in finish carpentry is more experienced than a rough fram carpenter. Because of the details of cabinet and fixture installations.  requires a good understanding of leveling, wood filling and mitering. Rough carpentry requires building the structure of a building or house from ground up.


What does a rough carpenter do?

A carpenter in abu dhabi who works as a rough carpenter, builds the main structure of a house or commercial building using wood and other materials such as steel studs.


What is included in finish carpentry?

It includes installation of baseboard trim, cabinets, door and window casing, door jambs, fireplace mantels, closet shelving units, stair treads, doors and ballisters


What is joinery work?

Joinery is a method by which two or more pieces are connected or joined. It is skilled trade which involves constructing furniture, houses, ships, buildings etc.


Is a joiner a carpenter?

Not necessarily. Joinery companies in abu dhabi build joinery works inside their workshops and deliver it to the buyer. While carpenters work on site.