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Every big construction should include soil testing in their initial survey. They check if the ground soil can support the load of the construction and the people. Soil testing UAE is essential in road and building projects.

Aisde from Construction means, another purpose of soil testing service uae is to check the ground’s pH levels and nutrient content. In this way, gardeners and farmers know the type and amount of fertilizer needed to be applied on the ground.


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Types of Soil Testing Services in UAE

There are different types of soil compaction test procedure in uae that can be done preconstruction to determine the design of the foundation to be built. These highly experienced contractors can easily be asked for a free quotation here on Buildeey. 

Types of Soil Testing Services for Construction

  • Specific Gravity Test- This soil test in UAE is determined by using several methods. They need to measure the ratio of density of a substance to the density of water - a.k.a. specific gravity.

    • Measuring Flask Method

    • Density Bottle Method - commonly used by experts

    • Shrinkage Limit Method

    • Pyconometer Method - another common method used by professionals

    • Gas Jar Method 

  • Proctor’s Compaction Test-  This is done to find out the compaction characteristics of the soil. In a soil compaction test in UAE, the air dried sample is divided into 4 to 6 smaller samples. The expert will add 3% to 5% water to adjust its water content. Then a 5.5 pound standard hammer hits each sample layer 25 times.The samples are then removed, dried and studied. A curve plots the results which shows the optimal water content required to reach max dry density. 

  • Moisture Content Test -  This is a priority for buildings. They usually measure the weight of soil water by measuring the difference, before and after water was applied.

    • Calcium carbide method

    • Alcohol method

    • Oven-drying method - The most common method

    • Radiation method

    • Torsion balance method

    • Sand bath method

    • Pycnometer method

  • Atterberg Limits test - This measures critical water content on fine-grained soil. It determines the fine-grained soil properties via three limits namely:

    • Shrinkage Limit

    • Liquid Limit

    • Plastic Limit

  • Dry Density Test - This tests the sample’s  weight of soil particles in a given volume. The results depend on the void ratio and soil’s specific gravity. It can be tested via:

    • Water Displacement

    • Sand Replacement

    • Core Cutter

  • Bearing capacity test - The different ways to test  soil bearing capacity test in uae are:

    • Field Vane Shield Test

    • Plate Bearing

    • Pressuremeter Test

    • Standard Penetration Test


Hiring Soil Testing Services and Companies in UAE

Buildeey have the best soil test professionals This way you can easily contact them using our website. But what should you look for in choosing the right company? 

Tips on hiring a good compaction test of soil contractor:

  1. Always ask for referrals from family and friends

  2. Beware of over the top claims.

  3. Compare different quotations from companies.

  4. Do in depth research on the contractors you have selected.

  5. Ask to see their permits and license.