Proper Air conditioning Maintenance
Posted on 2019-07-10

An air conditioning unit isn’t a buy and uses for a lifetime type of appliance. It requires care and maintenance just like other home components to last longer. There are lots of results when you search for how to clean an aircon in your area.

but these three simple steps are the only maintenance tips you have to keep in mind:

Check For Coolant Leaks

When your aircon begins leaking, putting a bucket underneath it won’t fix the damage inside the unit. Instead, call up the experts for help in identifying why the aircon coolant is leaking out. You can find plenty of trustworthy and highly dedicated aircon repair specialists in our app directory.

Regularly Clean the Air Filter

This is the most basic maintenance practice homeowners should get used to doing for their aircon unit. It’s quite simple to take out your air filter, run it through water, scrub lightly with soapy water, and then allow to dry up before putting it back in the unit again. It’s that easy. However, you should be careful when inserting and taking the filter out because most filters aren’t made with quality materials. When it breaks or the filter net starts unfurling, you should purchase the replacement filter immediately.

Schedule Annual Cleaning From Professionals

Apart from fixing leaks and regular filter cleaning, the inside of your AC unit should be given a proper bathe to get rid of the accumulated dirt inside it. After all, a well-functioning AC unit improves the air quality inside your home, too.
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