Simple Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool Well-Maintained
Posted on 2020-11-25

Best Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool

Let's face it, pool equipment and maintenance can be a bit of a drag. But, what's the point of having a great swimming pool if the water is all cloudy, hazy, and full of sludge? Your good maintenance habits can go a long way when talking about the longevity of your swimming pool and the overall performance of your pool system. 

Aside from the complex cleaning procedures that only professional swimming pool maintenance companies can execute, here are  simple tips to keep your swimming pool and water clean and in tip-top shape!

1. Clean out skimmer and pump baskets. 

Ensuring that your pool's pump strainer baskets are cleaned will help in the long run. Removing leaves, bugs, and other unwanted critters from your pool are one of the easiest ways to keep it clean. Using a hand skimmer or a leaf net, removing debris right away will prevent them from sinking and will significantly increase your pool's circulation system and efficiency. It also lessens the chlorine amount you'll need to put.

2. Keep your filter clean

No matter which type of filter you have, it requires regular cleaning. Once you see an increase in flow between the flow meter and pressure gauge, clean your filter right away. It's also important to check and clean your filter after heavy rains and storms because a lot of debris will end up in your swimming pool so it's better to inspect all of its equipment.

3. Check if your pressure gauge is working and fully functional.

The pressure gauge should be checked on a weekly basis. Your pool's pressure gauge indicates the force of water flowing through your pool system in PSI or pounds per square inch. It is essential to monitor the gauge regularly to see if it needs to be adjusted. A pressured that reads higher than normal might mean that your filter is working too hard, the water is dirty, or the filter needs cleaning.

4. Change and lube pump and filter o-rings

Gaskets and o-rings are important in keeping the internal equipment safe from water and pressure damage. Simply replacing old pump and filter o-rings can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement parts.
Your pool filter head o-ring plays a very important part in your pool system's filter function. If it's not in good condition, it will cause the filter tank to lose pressure and then eventually leak. Check your filter tank o-ring each time you clean or change your filter grids/cartridges. These are other important o-rings that you should also check regularly:
  • chlorinator o-rings.
  • filter valve o-rings.
  • skimmer o-rings.
  • fitting and union o-rings.

It just takes a few key steps to have a well-maintained swimming pool. These simple ways, when practiced regularly, can keep your swimming pool clean and clear so you can enjoy it with your friends and family!

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