Handyman Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

When in need of any basic fixes and improvement inside the house, you can always check our directory pages when Finding a Handyman in UAE. We have information for Handyman Companies on the following locations:

Handyman companies in Dubai

Handyman companies in Sharjah

Handyman companies in Ajman

Handyman companies in Ras Al Khaimah


Always remember what types of handyman services do you require so you can tell a handyman in abu dhabi, UAE what you need. 

Some of the most common handyman services in Abu Dhabi, UAE are:

  • Drywall Installation

  • Replacement of Windows and Doors

  • Simple Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Using Power Wash

  • Basic Bricklaying

  • Basic Carpentry and Cabinetry

  • Repairing Small Appliances

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Hiring the Best Handyman Service in Abu Dhabi, UAE

You can use Buildeey’s directory and networks to locate the nearest handyman company or experts near you just remember the following tips when hiring a handyman in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the job:

Find someone who specialises on something

Handyman Services consists of different and wide areas of specialization. A certain job fix will not be always an easy task for all of the handyman out there. It is always better to know and understand what a Handyman Service in Abu Dhabi, can specialize in. 

Check for Business License

A handyman company in Abu Dhabi that has a business license is always an advantage to hire. This proves company’s legitimacy as well as gives you an ensured mind that they can do the job.

Years of Experience

Experience for their job is another factor that you should be looking for an service provider - this helps you know that they have indeed been doing their business for such a time now.

Time of Availability

Emergencies in a household are never expected that is why it is always good to choose a Handyman Expert in Abu Dhabi, UAE who can be available at almost anytime.


Also consider the Handyman Service or Company’s distance from where you live.