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The 2020 covid19 pandemic showed everyone how we are taking travelling for granted. Travel bans resulted in deserted airports  and destroyed our vacation and business plans.Throwing the efforts airport construction companies in uae put to build world class ports. If you want to build your own airport, simply choose from Buildeey’s list of trusted contractors.

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 Types of Airports in UAE

We all know that airports are any area on land or water used for the take off and landing of aircrafts. But do you know that airport categories are defined by law into four. UAE airport construction are capable of building all four.


  1. Cargo Services Airports

This airport service aircrafts that transport cargo only. And why would they limit their services to that? It is estimated to support more than 100 million pounds landed weight by a cargo planes annually.

  1. Commercial Service Airports

These are the airports we are accustomed to use, since travellers frequent them. These airports are publicly owned and estimated to have boarded at least 2,500 passengers a year. They have both international and domestic flights.

  1. General Aviation Airports

They include both public use airports and privately owned. They can have international flights or scheduled ones.

  1. Reliever Airports

Used by some countries to relieve congestion from the commercial airports.


Main Categories of Airports in UAE

  • Towered Airports - These have an air traffic control (ATC) that are responsible for the safe and orderly traffic. Here pilots need to advise or acknowledge ATC their instructions via a two way radio.
  • Non Towered - Here the pilots do not need a two way radio, instead they use Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF). The abu dhabi airport construction  will not build an air control tower in the airport anymore. Since pilots use a Universal Integrated Community (UNICOM) or MULTICOM.