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It is undisputed that a fireplace undoubtedly adds drama, sophistication, authority, and stature to any modern living room that houses it nowadays. During the olden times, even a simple home chimney is essential in winter bearing countries, to help families and citizens keep warm and away from hypothermia.  But in this age of social media artificial fireplace is starting to grow in demand. Come to think of it, there are a couple of advantages to having an artificial fireplace.

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    Linde Helium M.E. FZCO

    Sheikh Zayed Road, 8.5 Interchange - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai  UAE

    Service: Generator

    Linde Gas in the Middle-East is a leading international supplier of Industrial gas and healthcare solutions in the region. We have significant Oil & Gas Services capa...

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    Slipform Middle East LLC

    Slipform Middle East LLC - Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road (Bank Street) - D..., Dubai  UAE

    Service: Chimneys & Fireplace

    Slipform Middle East LLC with workplaces in Dubai and a plant in the Sajaa District of Sharjah are presently in a solid position to offer administrations to the U.A....

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    Materio General Trading LLC - Ajman - United Arab Emirates, Ajman  UAE

    Service: Chimneys & Fireplace

    Flammengo provides high end decorative bio ethanol fireplaces. Our company was established in 2011 by "Metal Forms LLC", a pioneering steel manufacturer based in Dubai- U...

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    Fire Zone

    voco Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai  UAE

    Service: Chimneys & Fireplace

    An old proverb says: “Studying is learning the rules, experience is learning the exceptions.“ FIRE ZONE can rightly be proud that it has succeeded in both the...

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    LIU 10 AA04 Al Munawala Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai  UAE

    Service: Home Security

    Distribution of pipe adapters, couplings, preaction valves, expansion joints, fittings, gaskets, seals, sprinklers, pipe preparation tools, strainers and suction diffuser...

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Chimneys & Fireplace Services Near Me

  • More versatile design choices
  • Space-saving
  • Flexible and easier installation
  • No combustible fuels present. No gas lines
  • A better option for apartment and condos
  • Warmth is not lost through the chimney or any vent.
  • Can control heat via remote
  • Safe for people with respiratory difficulties
  • Does not emit harmful gasses or carbon dioxide

Everything has pros and cons, so it is an artificial fireplace. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Does not give warmth to the whole house as a real fire do
  • Runs purely on electricity so they are non-usable on power outages
  • The fuse might blow when attached to a circuit with other appliances
  • Needs to be mounted to ensure safety

Another main thing an artificial fireplace can avoid is a chimney fire. A chimney fire is the burning of some or all residue deposits commonly known as soot or creosote inside the inner surface of the chimney tiles stove pipes or fuel liners etcetera. When an unburned fuel or any volatile inside an attached appliance like a stove or open fire, accumulate and plugs up in the chimney, then gets very hot and burns and starts a fire.

One way to prevent this is to run appliances hot during the initial ignition phase regularly, to avoid deposit build-up. Regularly clean the flues using a home chimney swipe and using internal chimney compared to an external home chimney attached to the external wall.

Now that we have discussed home chimney and artificial fireplace, which of the two fireplace do you prefer in your home?