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Before starting a new building re-construction, one must think about how demolition should take place. Demolition Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE can often cost as much (if not more than) as a new building construction. So before blowing up your pockets it is best to look for cheap yet reliable demolition contractors in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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3 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Demolition Services Abu Dhabi Save You Money

  • Toxic Elements to be Removed

Some very old structures have hazardous materials in them like asbestos. Cleaning them without the help of cleaning experts can endanger your health and your family’s. This results in bigger expenses in hospital bills. Removing hazardous materials need proper tools, a plan layout, our trained technicians and right safety gear.

In some places or cities, a special permit is required to demolish your building legally. It will cost you more if you get the permit yourself without knowing the process than leave it to the experts.

  • Quality of Materials Used 

 Buying materials needed by yourself is not a good idea. You do not know which wood works are best to be used. You are not trained if it needs hard concrete or not. It surely saves you money to let the building demolition companies in Abu Dhabi do their work.


Demolition Techniques, Equipment for Demolition, Demolition Contractors Abu Dhabi and other common FAQ’s

How long does it take to wire a building for demolition?

Demolition work in abu dhabi describes how long it takes to wire or apply shaped charges to the steel beams and connect that to a detonator wire. Building implosion reduces to seconds a process that may take months or a year to do using other methods.

What does demolish mean?

To knock down, pull, destroy, ruin, tear down any structure or building. Demolish also means to destroy on purpose; to explode, flatten, crush or wreck by the use of explosives.

What are the common ways of demolition?

Here are some demolition procedures that are found on the demolition flow chart. Crane and Wrecking Ball, Interior Demolition, Implosion, Selective Demolition, Deconstruction or Dismantling, Mechanical Demolition and Total Demolition.

What explosives are used to demolish buildings?

 Demolition contractors in uae use dynamite or nitroglycerin. This destroys reinforced concrete and beam supports. With enough space you can make a building fall on the side by fitting explosives in the building’s left columns. This is a safer option as cables control the building’s collapse.