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Roads are the lifeline connectors of the different parts of a city, as the nerves of our bodies keep the blood flow to different organs of our bodies keeping us alive. Therefore a road design company should aim to harmonize vehicle and foot traffic and incorporate the systems of new and emerging technologies. A good road project promotes efficiency and economy, consistency and safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

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Road engineering consultants have been around since the start of 20th century to improve public transportation and land travel experience. The increased influx of automobile ownership and truck demand has led to road congestions. This is due to the movement of people from cities to the suburbans. Road construction consultants analyze alternatives for car and truck transportation, map routes, number of vehicles in public, type of these vehicles, the average speed range, loading and unloading areas and the public’s general safety; to improve the health and welfare of bystanders as well as alleviate drivers’ and commuters problems.

The system of a major road’s development needs to have an orderly yet continuous process. That is why we have a road design consultant. The said process undergoes the following steps

  • Assessment of the road’s needs and its transportation options 
  • Planning a certain system to meet those needs
  • Making an economical, environmental and socially acceptable design
  • Design Approval
  • Financing approval
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Maintainance
  • Future extensions and reconstruction


The proposal output of a good road design consultant or what is called a road design contains most if not all of the components below:

  1. Alignment and profile - these are the three dimensional alignments and cross sectional profiles produces to reduce earth to be moved. This also ensues the excavated earth is in balance with embankments.
  2. Pavement - the horizontal structures supported by in situ natural material
  3. Drainage - involves handling existing watercourses, removing water from pavement surface, and controlling underground water.
  4. Financing - the costs and its economic, social and environmental effects.
  5. Construction - the construction process.
  6. Maintainance - keeping the roadway safe, providing good driving conditions, minor renovation, prolonging pavement life.
  7. Traffic management/traffic control - marking of roadway surfaces with painted lines and raised permanent markers visible at night, in rain, snow or heavy traffic.
  8. Road signs -  advise the drivers special regulations and provide info about navigation and hazards.
  9. Traffic signals - primarily used to control traffic
  10. Legal control - legal rules applying to the driver and vehicle. Rules applying to pedestrians. And rules limited to road sections
  11. Safety - improve road safety ad traffic flow by enforcing driving regulations

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