Facade Lightning and Solutions: What is the meaning of Facade?

Facade simply points the "front" or the "frontal look" of a building.

Engineers and architects need to be able to communicate their client’s business vision through the design of the building they will be constructing. It is the designer’s responsibility to show this on the facade design of a structure. In case this concept might have confused you, be aware that facade engineering is different from architecture.  We have to remember that facade companies in UAE are resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues is both an art and science needed to achieve the enclosure of habitable space. That art and science are known as facade engineering. This is better complemented by correct facade lighting.

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What is the meaning of Facade Engineering?

  • It should be defining the structure of the building and integrate the light into the building design. In that way, the light will show the luxury part or high end part of the building. Facade lighting also expresses the soul of modern architecture.


  • Doing light treatment of the top of a building, highlighting the structures outline, and spreading the light to create an effect that the facade design is even yet still stands our than the rest of other buildings and chaos on the street.


  • Highlight the entrance and exit of a house or building is a priority for facade companies in UAE. The doors in the front and back always receive a large traffic of people.


  • Choosing the right light color. The temperature selection of the light color usually sets this tone. It represents on how vibrant the activity of the occupants are.  Residential areas commonly use warm white. Entertainment areas uses a variety of colorful lights. Correct temperature tone adds to the ambiance.


  •  Choosing the right lamps and light sources. This is a way to have light distribution and design requirements meet. The choice of lamps should match the materials and shapes of all the other furniture and fixtures in the area. Remember that the quality of this output, influences the quality of the entire project.


  • Selecting the ways of lighting control. It can be manual control, automatic light control or a combination of both. The control methods also vary depending of late night periods, peace times and in the event of major festivals. This should follow energy saving, energy conversation, sustainable development, and environmental protection through intelligent lighting control.


Parametric facade design, facade engineering and facade design are undeniably important in making a killer impression of any property.