Maintenance Tips to Keep Your House Healthy
Posted on 2019-09-17


How to Keep Your House Healthy

A house is like a well-oiled machine that needs fine tuning once in a while. Regular maintenance shapes your home’s performance over the years. There are experts with a specialized skillset to help you achieve a stable home performance. You can hire professional services from Buildeey’s app directory.

As for self-maintenance, follow these three maintenance tips to keep your house healthy on your own.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Nothing beats the eye of an expert when it comes to spotting hidden damage. A regular inspection can help you prevent minor house damage before they become difficult and expensive to repair.

Check for Window Drafts or Seal Failure

When you have spare time, check your windows for seal failure. This damage occurs through daily wear and tear or premature installation. You can spot seal failure when you feel a draft through your window even though they’re closed.
When this happens, it’s time for a patch job or replacement windows.

Examine Discolored Walls and Flooring

Molds are nasty to deal with, and they usually manifest in damp and dark areas such as our floor and various parts of walls. When you find discolored wallpapers or paint, you should clean up the area with disinfectants because molds have various health hazards from lung allergies to skin irritation.

Discolored walls are also a sign of tiny leaks on your roof seeping into your home.

Buildeey has an impressive list of contractors to help you maintain your home and address the damage you find with utmost satisfaction guaranteed.