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 Double Your House Painting Savings With These Tips

You don’t need to paint your house’s interior only when it seems to start getting yellow or peeled off.
Painting the walls, ceiling, and bedrooms could also help attract prospects when you need to sell the house. 
With just a few changes and touch ups, this house repainting cost increases the value of your home when you sell it through the UAE directory.
When that time comes, buyers will be the ones looking for your house number on the online business directory.
Home painting does not need to be expensive when you know what you need.
The cost of painting an interior wall or ceiling is approximately $1 - $2 per square foot.

How much does it cost to repaint entire house?

Studio Apt/Condo $700-$1,600
1 BR Apartment/Condo $900-$2,500
2 BR Apartment/Condo $1,100-$3,000 House $700-$3,000
1, House $800-$3,600
1, Single Family House  $1,300-$4,400
2, Single Family House  $1,600-$5,600
2, Single Family House  $1,800-$6,300
3, Single Family House  $2,000-$7,500
The total painting installation cost differs greatly depending on the paint you use, labor cost, location, and many more.
Based on the data from the homeowners, the national average cost to paint a 1,000sq.ft
residence is somewhere around $2,100 for the entire area. 
On the other hand, the minimum charge for that same area is $350,
while the highest estimated cost can go up to $5,000.
Below are eight tips for a great and affordable paint job near me.

How much to paint a house interior?

Interior Door $50-$200
Bedroom $350-$850
Master Bedroom $650-$1,400
Bathroom $150-$400
Kitchen $150-$250
Living Room $600-$2,000
  1. Know The Paint Installation Cost Per Square Foot

Even though it seems more budget-friendly to go for the cost of the whole paint job, knowing the price per square foot is still needed.
The average cost for paint installation is $3.50 per square foot. Not far from its minimum rate of $2 per square foot.
Meanwhile, the high-end paint job can go as high as $6 per sq. ft.
In professional practice, home painters deduct the size of the windows and doors on the painted area,
which would serve as the total square feet covered.
  1. Save money with cool colors

Remember how the interior’s painting affects resale value?
That same principle applies to apartment painting costs; specific apartment colors may save you some money. 
The average cost for painting a 950 square-foot apartment is around $1,000 to $2,900.
Some landowners offer extended financial help to their renters if they opt for an apartment painted with neutrals like gray and white. 
On the other hand, condo painting costs could be around $1,200 to $3,600 for a 1,200 sq. ft. unit. 
  1. Approximating the cost of the area to be painted

Before proceeding to the estimated costs per location, let us walk you through the process of how professionals approximate the paint installation costs. 

  1. Find the area of the walls by simply multiplying the length and width of the room. 
  2. Multiply it by the height of the room. 
  3. The product is deducted from the area measurement of the cabinets, windows, and doors since these are unpaintable. 
  4. Add the area of the ceilings if they are part of the project.

4.  Survey Different Rates for Cost of Labor

You may find different cost bases: hourly, per square foot, or by room, in surveying paint labor rates.
It’s hard to determine which option is the best, so here are some of the data you could use in weighing which labor cost is the best price.
Per room, the charge starts at $170 and can go as high as $680.
Meanwhile, the per square foot base runs from $2 to $6, and the hourly rate is from $20 to $50.

5. Cost Of Room Customization

Different parts of the house need their customized attention, and this comes at varying prices. 

Master Bathroom   $250 to $650
Walls $250 to $500  (depends on the type of the wall)
Bedroom $300 to $750
Kitchen $150-$250
Dining Room / Hallway  $300-$1,000
Open-Plan Basement    $800-$2,500
When estimating room paint jobs, you could consider how many paint gallons are needed to cover a given area.
One gallon of paint can cover 400 square feet. Don’t forget the labor and transportation costs.
10x10 Room Size $300-$700
10x12 Room Size $350-$850
12x12 Room Size $400-$950
14x16 Room Size $650-$1,250
16x16 Room Size $750-$1,400

6. Little Things Matter

Apart from the location, other factors a homeowner should consider are the quality and type of the paint and local market pricing.
The theme you choose could also affect the total cost of paint installation, as a one-color saves you money.


7. Calculate Your Cost Of Supplies

Some laborers provide the needed supplies for the paint installation process, but others may require you to provide them yourself.
Some of the essential things that should be present are:
Brushes - A three-inch-wide paintbrush costs between $10 - $20. 
But you will need different sizes for the corners and narrow areas. So be prepared for extra expenses.
Rollers - They usually cost around $13.50 up per pack of 3 rollers.
Drop Cloth - This ranges from $16 - $32, depending on size and quality.
Tray -  Average price range of $6 - $14 per piece
Roller Heads - It can range between $10 - $100 depending on the size
Tape - The cost of paint tape to be used depends on the size of the given area. A 500 square foot area for example,
can cost anywhere from $175 to $400
Overall, these supplies may cost you around $10 to $100, depending on the brand or manufacturer. 
Since you’ve bought them by yourself, you could also try to learn some basic skills in painting
which you could use in your house and save some money from hiring additional professionals.

8. Cost of conducting pre-works

Before fully pushing through the painting procedure, it is worth checking the foundations (walls, ceiling, and trim) to see if it’s in good condition.
You can contact our top construction companies in UAE to ensure the structure is still safe for living.
Typical pre-work procedures include cleaning, sanding, redoing poor paint jobs, repairing drywall, removing varnish, baseboard caulking, and burning off paint.
Together they cost you around a dollar per square foot.
Following these standard procedures are worth it as they prevent damage and let the paint stick for a long time.
You may check our UAE business directory for other related needs that our expert construction companies in UAE do best.