Top IT Maintenance Services and IT Companies in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Ultimate Guide to your IT Savings: Factors That Affect Your IT Service Abu Dhabi Costs

  1. Non technical factors 

IT service companies in Abu Dhabi include non technical factors in their services. They include the following: Application Domain, Staff Stability, Program Lifetime, Dependence on External Environment  and Hardware Stability.

  1. Technical factors 

Examples of these are: Module Independence, Programming Language, Programming Style, Program Validation and Testing, Documentation and Configuration Management.

  1. Product Characteristics

IT support services Abu dhabi also provide Software Maintenance. Samples and factors that affect software maintenance involve:

  • Requried Software Reliability

  • Database Size

  • Complexity Product

  • Computer Characteristics

  • Execution Time Constraint

  • Main Storage Constraint

  • Virtual Machine Volatility

  • Computer Turnaround Time

  • Personnel Characteristics

  • Annalist Capability

  • Application Experience

  • Programmer Capability

  • Virtual Machine Experience

  • Programming Language Experience

  • Project Characteristics

  • Modern Programming Practices

  • Use of Software Tools

  • Factors of Project Maintenance

  • Software Experience

  • Application Understanding

  • Software Development reference Access To Technical

  • Document Quality

  • Software Old

  • Group Capability

  • Environment Dependency

  • Structure Independency

  • Costs of Computer Networks

  • Security

  • Back up Data

  • Computer's Virus


Learn more about information systems and IT Services Abu Dhabi- FAQ’s

What are examples of IT services?

Examples of IT service management are Cloud Services, Backup and Disaster Recovery. Network Security, Help Desk Support, Managed Print Services, Computer Training and IT Consulting.


What kind of work is done in IT companies?

The different types of job in IT services are developing software and hardware. Also developing games, developing and maintaining websites, networking and testing.


What are examples of information systems?

There are many examples of information systems. Types of IT services uae are: transaction processing systems and decision support systems. Knowledge management systems, learning management systems and office information systems.


What is an information system and How does it work?

An information system is a work system or a software that helps organize and analyze input data. It works to capture, send and store data.  It also works by retrieving, manipulating and displaying information to the user.  IT services companies in Abu Dhabi turn raw data to useful information that can be used for the organization’s decision making.