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Buildeey’s aluminum companies in uae caters for different industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace and even household industries. Your daily routine is already filled with aluminum. The window frame where the sunshine woke you up this morning, the kitchen utensils you use to eat, the car you drove into going to your flight.

The lightweight, silvery-white metal that aluminum supplier in uae sell is soft and malleable. Making it perfect for a huge variety of products.

Here are 5 of the most common industries that use aluminum the most

  1. Construction (both in commercial and residential).
  2. Computer CPU’s (mainly heat sinks and graphic processors).
  3. Tubing in refrigerators, HVAC, motor vehicles, solar panels.
  4. Rolled aluminum products.
  5. Power Lines.
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al itejahat aluminium and glass cont

emirates industrial city, al Sajaa industrial, Sha...


  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Railings
  al Itejahat aluminium is a well-established glass and aluminium company in... See More
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Crystal Casa Glass & Aluminum Works LLC

B1 Warehouse No 3 Jabel Ali industrial area 1 - Du...


  • Glass
  • Aluminum
Offering a wide range of glass-related services to suit every need. Whether you are looking to insta... See More
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Ascend UAE

Nad Al Hammar


  • Aluminum
We are among best scaffold companies in UAE. Ascend is the leading scaffolding manufacturer in UAE ,... See More
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  • Building Maintenance
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
LEADERS ALUMINIUM & GLASS INDUSTRIES LLC DUBAI is located in Dubai, UAE. Company is working in M... See More
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  • Building Maintenance
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
LIFE LINE GLASS&ALIMINUM LLC is located in Dubai, UAE. Company is working in Metal Products, Con... See More
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  • Steel & Metal Fabrication
  • Steels & Metals Construction
  • Steel & Metal Fabrication
  • Paint
  • Fit - Out Contractors
  • Aluminum
  • Metal Supplier & Contractor
  • Interior Design
Skye Metal Coating LLC stands as a leading provider of comprehensive metal coating services in Dubai... See More
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Where is Aluminum Used in Buildings and Residential Areas?

Construction companies are one of the major clients of an aluminum companies in uae.  With the boom of skyscrapers, mega structures and housing industry, good aluminum factories in uae are also in demand.

House and building areas where aluminum is mostly used:

  • Roofs.
  • External facades.
  • Shelves.
  • Decorative applications.
  • Translucent panes.
  • Air Conditioning and heating systems.
  • Frames of floor to floor glass walls.

Hiring the Best Aluminum Suppliers in UAE  

Buildeey have the best aluminum companies in uae. They are ready to talk or chat with you anytime in our listing page. But what should you look for in choosing the best fit company? 

Qualities to look for when hiring a good aluminum manufacturers in uae:

  1. Depth of product expertise.
  2. Works within your budget range.
  3. Professional and fast service.
  4. Preferably offers free delivery.
  5. Updated and complete licenses and registrations.
  6. Wide and sufficient work experience.
  7. Have a wide variety of aluminum products.
  8. Offers installation and maintenance services.

Aluminum companies in UAE focus on production, manufacturing, and processing of aluminum materials, often within large industrial facilities. The concept of incorporating that seeks to merge the industrial functionality of these spaces with artistic creativity.

What are the most prominent aluminum industries?

Here are some of the best aluminum industries and aluminum companies in UAE:

  1. Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA): The company is known for its commitment to sustainability and innovation, and it plays a vital role in the UAE's industrial and economic development.
  2. Emirates Coast Aluminum Factory LLC: Has been a key player in the global aluminum industry, producing high-quality primary aluminum products.
  3. White Aluminum Group: State-of-the-art is one of the largest single-site aluminum smelters in the world.
  4. Emirates Extrusions Factory LLC: Offers a wide range of customized solutions for various industries, including construction, automotive, and industrial applications.
  5. Alutal Aluminum and Glass Industries: The company's aluminum rolling mill, produces high-quality aluminum products for various industries.

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What are the services are provided by aluminum companies in UAE?

The best services provided by aluminum companies in UAE include:
  • Aluminum Smelting and Production: High-quality primary aluminum from bauxite ore, alumina, and other raw materials.
  • Aluminum Extrusion: They create custom aluminum profiles and shapes for various industries, including construction, automotive, and industrial applications.
  • Aluminum Rolling and Sheet Production: These products are used in a wide range of applications, from architectural cladding to automotive components.
  • Aluminum Fabrication: Services are essential for creating finished aluminum products and components.
  • Architectural Solutions: Products are widely used in the construction industry for modern and energy-efficient building designs.
  • Aluminum Finishing and Surface Treatment: Aluminum products may undergo various surface treatments to enhance their appearance, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Customized Solutions: Aluminum companies in UAE often work closely with customers to provide customized solutions tailored to specific requirements.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: They typically have advanced testing facilities to ensure that their products meet international quality standards and performance criteria.
  • Export and Global Distribution: Export their products to regions worldwide, contributing to the global aluminum supply chain.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Invest in energy-efficient technologies and practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

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Learn About the Best and Cheapest Aluminum Companies in UAE:

Keep in mind that prices and services may vary, so it's essential to obtain multiple quotes and conduct due diligence before making a decision.

  • Scrap Metal Dealers: If you have aluminum scrap, such as aluminum cans, sheets, or profiles, you can consider selling them to scrap metal dealers. These dealers purchase scrap metal and recycle it. Prices may vary based on the type and quality of aluminum.
  • Recycling Centers: They often pay competitive rates for clean and sorted aluminum materials. It's important to prepare your aluminum scrap by separating it from other materials for the best prices.
  • Aluminum Extrusion Companies: If you have aluminum extrusions, profiles, or components that are in good condition.
  • Metal Fabricators and Manufacturers: Some metal fabricators and manufacturers in the UAE may be interested in purchasing aluminum materials for their production processes. If you have surplus aluminum sheets, plates, or coils.
  • Aluminum Recycling Companies: Aluminum companies in UAE specializing in aluminum recycling may offer competitive prices for aluminum scrap. They are equipped to process and recycle aluminum efficiently.

More information about aluminum companies in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi can be found on the Buildeey website.