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A mechanical engineering building is a system that affects the usage of energy the most. Parts of this building system are heating, elevators, plumbing, ventilation, escalators, and airconditioning (HVAC). An example of this is the importance of proper ventilation. A mechanical engineering services company will need to ensure that the carbon dioxide and pollutant levels in a building will not get too high because it will cause the occupant's illness. A building owner can be fined for not providing proper and necessary ventilation.

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The electrical engineering consultants do not only take care of a building's lights. They deal with life safety systems like power distribution and fire alarm systems. Such as the power supply system, back up power like diesel generators or emergency power, for example, the battery-based uninterrupted power supply. This job of electrical engineering consultants in UAE is extremely important in old building structures.

Tips in hiring quality electrical engineering consultants and mechanical engineering services company :

  • Prepare all relevant information like project details, target date, contact person of the company
  • Ask them about their working experience in similar projects. Go through the engineering consultant’s responses carefully
  • Make sure you understand the costs. If the consultant bills by the hour or per project; along with their scopes.
  • Always speak to the engineering manager. Because they are in charge of the actual engineering project; not the sales manager nor the company director. 
  • Make clear on who will be the person or people working on your project. Make sure the electrical engineering consultants or mechanical engineering services company allocates proper staff to do your project. Find out the names, phone numbers and email addresses of those people and the engineer designated to you.
  • Ask of examples of their past work or past clients
  • Ask what happens if, during the construction, you will need something outside the scope of support. 
  • Discuss to the project engineer in charge, that you can do inspections during the construction. You can ask a local or city engineer or another reputable electrical engineering consultant in the UAE market to come over for regular or surprise check-ups on the building while it is in the construction stage. They need to be experienced inspectors with proper qualifications.

I hope I have fairly discussed the salient responsibilities and things to know when hiring electrical engineering consultants in uae, electrical engineering consultants, mechanical engineering building, or mechanical engineering services company.