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Finding the Perfect Rug for Your Kitchen 2019-10-12

A rug is both an interior decor and a functional piece for maintaining cleanliness inside your home. When you’re on the market for a new rug to match your kitchen, here are a few home improvement tips to help you out.


Have a Size and Shape Estimate Ready


Do you want your rug to cover your kitchen table or the entire floor? Perhaps you wish for round carpets for the receiving area of your kitchen or a rectangle strip for the kitchen entryway? Nonetheless, the perfect kitchen carpet starts with the right size and shape. It skims down your options so you wouldn’t get overwhelmed with carpet choices.


Try Out Different Colors


The fun part is seeing how your new rug compliments your kitchen. You can decide whether it stands out or patterns perfectly with your existing kitchen interiors. Either way, you can always ask for a color test from your interior designer to know what color is best for your rug.


Just keep in mind that contrast is the key in making color work for any room. You don’t want your new rug lost in a sea of solid colors and distracting patterns.


Be Familiar With The Carpet’s Fabric Care


Not all rugs or carpets are the same. They require different care and cleaning methods. For example, corduroy rugs should never be machine washed but rugs with synthetic blends are safe for machine washing. Understanding fabric care keeps it in pristine, mint condition as time goes by.


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