List of the Top Companies for Pest Control in Abu Dhabi

Getting a pest control abu dhabi guarantees quality pest management to any homeowner. These creepy crawlers are hazardous to everyone’s health thus we need to get rid of them the soonest. Pest control in Abu Dhabi offers a variety of services. Many pest infested houses have been helped by the trusted partners of Buildeey. They offer traditional and environment friendly methods. Our pest control companies in abu dhabi partners also have package services. Included are inspection, analysis and preventive action. Also treatment, monitoring and regular maintenance for the whole year.

Buildeey provides you with a complete list of services for pest control dubai and other cities in UAE.

There are 33 companies found in Pest Control
Lulu cleaning and pest control services est

lulu cleaning and pest control services est - Abu...


  • Pest Control
Lulu Pest Control is a fully integrated pest control company specializing in the management of roden... See More
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Oriental Pest Control & Cleaning Services

Oriental Pest Control & Cleaning Services - Abu Dh...


  • Pest Control
We will protect your home or office from pests and even clean your premises to be spotless and free... See More
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GRMC Pest Control Est.

GRMC Pest Control Est. - Abu Dhabi - United Arab E...


  • Pest Control
Established in Beirut in 1990, GRMC is a family-owned business with strong roots and decades of expe... See More
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Price Ranges of Pest Control Service in Abu Dhabi

Factors affecting the price ranges of quality pest control in Abu Dhabi are: 

  1. Type of pests - standard pests like spiders and cockroaches do not need extreme measures. Ants and rodents need a little more expensive treatment. While termites need a special tool.

  2. Size of premises - the bigger the house the more materials and labor needed. Therefore the higher the pest control abu dhabi price. 
  3. DIY or Professional Services - DIY pest control can save costs to only a certain extent. This can be effective if the pest problem is identified early. But a professional abu dhabi pest control


Abu Dhabi Expert Pest Control Services - FAQ

Is it worth getting pest control?

Yes. The best pest control in abu dhabi will give you many reasons why getting professional pest control services is worth the money.


8 Reasons Why Professional Pest Control Services Is Worth The Money

1. With pest control, you don’t risk your health with the chemicals

2. You don’t risk your family’s health

3. Maximum effectiveness

4. Accuracy in locating the source of infestation

5. Saved time and effort

6. Avoid further damage

7. Avoid costly charges

8. Free expert advice on how to prevent another infestation

How often do you really need pest control?

You don’t need to wait for an infestation before calling the top pest control companies in Abu Dhabi. Talk to them to set up a schedule for treatment. Normal infestations are usually every two months treatment. More serious cases need more frequency.


What time of the year is best for pest control?

It's usually around March through to July/August is the best time in the year whenever the weather begins to slowly warm up again. After the cold winter months they usually start getting hungry and begin to look for food anywhere where they can find it.  It includes your house and their efforts are endless.


Does pest control spray in bedrooms?

You can sometimes request for an inside service whenever you see bugs indoors. Pest control technicians start from outside of your home. Most of the time, this is enough to discourage the bugs from coming back. They may also spray the outside porches or decks if your apartments have them