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A great set of tiles spells beauty or disaster in the kitchen or bathroom. Vinyl flooring is the general recommendation because of its high durability. They are resistant to scratches and moisture, thus they usually last from 10 to 20 years when properly installed and maintained. The vinyl flooring has two kinds of sheet vinyl flooring or linoleum flooring has similar properties to ceramic flooring and hardwood; while the type of vinyl tiles creates a well bonded and extremely hard layers. Meaning over time, vinyl tiles and planks will withstand use than vinyl sheets.

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Vinyl flooring can be a good choice for your home. Just make sure to have a professional in Buildeey assist you with the vinyl files and sheet vinyl flooring.

Here are some advantages of vinyl flooring:

  • Water-resistant - if a vinyl floor vis properly installed it is impervious to water penetration. It is best for the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, or just about any part of the house with high moisture.
  • Low cost - vinyl can cost as low as 50 cents per square foot and can reach as high as 10 dollars per square foot for premium flooring. It is much less expensive than stone.
  • Low maintenance and easy to care - Just frequent sweeping and a damp mop can clean and remove stains from vinyl.
  • Durability - as mentioned earlier vinyl can last 10 to 20 years. Solid vinyl flooring and composite vinyl tiles are homogenous which make it more resistant to scratches and damages.
  • Foot Comfort  - vinyl is softer than ceramic tiles or wood. Plus it does not feel cold when winter comes.
  • Easy to install -  It can be a do it yourself but it is still best to contact a professional.

Some disadvantages of vinyl flooring: 

  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) - there is a possibility of toxic outgassing to occur due to the chemicals in the vinyl material. The toxic chemicals may cause eye or respiratory reactions.
  • Chemical discoloration - rubber mats or rubber shoes cause a chemical reaction with vinyl. It makes the flooring material permanently
  • Yellows with time - trapped dirt beneath the tile wax layer plus direct sunlight will eventually lead a low-quality vinyl to turn yellow.
  • Non-biodegradable waste problems -  this material does not break down naturally into the environment and is rarely recycled. The manufacturing of vinyl aslo consume petroleum and other non-renewable natural gas.
  • Repair difficulties - although most vinyls are durable, once they are ripped or damage they cannot be refinished. They will only need to be removed then replaced.