The Top Landscape Companies in Dubai

Landscaping companies in dubai make landscape projects faster and easier for you. They still need creative vision, skill and teamwork. Naturally, your first move is to visit Buildeey’s list of landscaping companies in dubai and choose a couple you like. Determine the following:

  • Will you help me maintain the yard?

All landscape companies in dubai listed on our website offer their maintenance services. This is to make sure the work and design they started will keep its quality.

  • Do they share my creative vision?

Most landscaping companies in dubai are our trusted contractors. Their love for landscaping dubai projects and dedication to their work are their reputation .

  • What is your expected timeline?

Not only in Dubai, But Buildeey partners with all the top landscaping companies in UAE because of their high quality of work. This summarizes their experience, teamwork and work ethics.

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What are the factors that may affect the cost of your Landscaping project/job?

Consider these factors when budgeting for your next dubai landscaping project:

  • Seasons - Summer is usually when most homeowners get their gardens done. The result are higher landscaping prices
  • Location and travel -If your garden is not easily accessible, landscapers might charge more for the additional transpo expense.
  • Difficulty of work - Not all yards are created equal. If your lawn is unluckily hard to deal with, then expect a higher cost rate.


Landscape Building and Design Services in Dubai - FAQ

What are the types of Landscapes?

There are several general types of landscapes you can have a landscaping companies in dubai do for your garden. Formal, Informal, English Garden, Informal/Formal Garden, Oriental, Cottage Garden, Mediterranean Garden, Xeriscape.


What does landscaping technically relate to?

Landscaping can refer to any given activity that changes the 3 visible elements of an area of land: 1) Living Elements including the flora and fauna a.k.a gardening , 2) Natural Elements including terrain shape, elevation, landforms or bodies of water; 3) Abstract Elements like the lighting and weather conditions of landscaping projects in dubai.


What are the principles of landscape design?

There are seven basic principles of landscape design: Balance, Focalization, Simplicity, Rhythm and Line, Proportion and Unity.


What is the difference between lawn care and landscaping?

Lawn care includes routine seasonal tasks like trimming and edge, weed removal and fertilizing, watering of plants and lawn mowing. While landscaping is transforming an exterior, outdoor area through plantation, construction and reorganization. The best landscaping company in dubai is able to assist you with both.


What should I expect from a landscape designer?

The landscape designer will take a discussed brief of what you want in your garden, carry out a survey of the area and create a concept plan; which they will draw out a more detailed plan later. The designer can recommend a subcontractor and will oversee the landscaping project for a fee. You can also find another builder or do your garden yourself.


What should I ask a landscaper?

Here are 5 basic questions to ask a landscaper before hiring:

  • Are you a design-only team?
  • Can you give me an estimate of projected cost
  • Can you show me your portfolio
  • What needs to be completed now and what can wait later?
  • What is your current workload like?


Should I spend money on landscaping?

Yes because landscaping is an investment. It adds value to your property. But it does not have to be a huge cost. You can spend only 5% - 10% of your home value on landscaping.