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In choosing a house, we the buyers should not only consider how big our kitchen will be, show we use all bricks or all wood, or if we want to live the rest of our days in a metropolitan city or the laid back countryside. Buyers like us also need to keep in mind the timeframe of the house construction. When do we want to move to our new house? I am a real estate specialist in my city and believe me it is very crucial to have a feasible and on-time house take out.

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That is why prefabricated house companies have taken the real estate industry by storm. It is also the same reason how prefab houses spread out like weeds everywhere. According to studies prefabricated construction are generally cheaper than traditionally built houses by 10% to 20%, making it faster than the old method. Prefabricated construction takes one to four months to be built whereas the traditional house method is six to 10 months.  The secret of this is prefab solutions use the practice of assembling various components of a structure at the manufacturing site and transports these pre-cast ‘pieces’ to the construction site to be assembled. The result is a prefab shelter is like a jigsaw puzzle put together by carpenters. Sometimes these pre-designed houses are though to be done by low-end mass pre-fabricated house builders. Though that is not usually the case. Many buyers still prefer a prefab shelter.


In fact, here are some benefits to why prefabricated construction can be a better option for you and your family.

  1. Financial Savings - Ah the obvious reason for anyone. The modular construction theme of pre-designed houses can be more affordable due to the discounts prefabricated house builders get on their bulk orders since all houses in that project look the same. 
  2. Flexibility - the puzzle-like feel of the construction to be transported,  assemble and disassembled.
  3. Reduced site disruption - since the assembly of the modular house components are done in the factories, there is less truck traffic in the site, less waste, and pollution, plus lesser unwanted equipment hogging the Jobsite space.
  4. Shorter Construction time - This is self-explanatory. Everyone wants to get the job done fast but with the right quality.

After reading the benefits of prefab houses, prefabricated construction and prefab shelter ; do you still prefer the old traditional construction methods? Think about it.