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SASCO Air conditioning Industry is one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC ducts and duct accessories in Middle-East. Since its inception in 1977 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SASCO has expanded rapidly and today it has branches in UAE, Bahrain and Egypt with headquarters located in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 1994.

SASCO is involved in producing and distributing HVAC products for 30 years and it has been associated with some of the prestigious projects and leading MEP contractors in the region throughout this period. SASCO has completed projects in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E excess of AED 350 million and numerous landmarks stand testimony to the firm’s engineering capabilities. SASCO has also made considerable Exports in Foreign Markets, mostly to Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

SASCO has maintained a policy of continuous investment in new products, technology, manufacturing expertise and ongoing training. The UAE plant is located in ICAD III with over 19,000 square meter production floor area equipped with state-of- the- art CNC machinery and skilled workforce enable SASCO to make its products with the shortest lead time and the highest quality. Owing to the large capacity of the plant and astute management skills

SASCO is able to offer one of the most reliable and efficient HVAC products manufacture services in Abu Dhabi. SASCO produces 2,500 square meter Duct on Daily basis makes it one of the largest producers of Pre-fabricated GI Duct in UAE.

SASCO offers all types of High Quality Ductwork to all international Ductwork Standards. The other product ranges includes Sound Attenuators, Fire Rated Ductwork and other associated technical products like Flange Systems, VCD’s, Access Doors and Louvers.

The products manufactured are tested according to ASHRAE Standards. Duct construction as per DW144 /ASHRAE / SMACNA standards provides superior strength, low leakage rate and vibration free products. Awareness of customer requirements in this field has led SASCO to adapt their products to suit even the most demanding needs.

SASCO has been implemented Quality Management System to meet the specified requirements of Quality System ISO 9001. Manufacturing and assembly is carried out under strict controls and procedures in accordance with Quality Assurance System ISO 9001:2015.

SASCO has a strong management team with an aggregate experience of over 60 years in Air- conditioning Ductwork industry. Projects are completed on time and on budget. With SASCO extensive resources and knowledge gained from working in all sectors of the industry, they are able to tailor a project team to meet every client requirement. SASCO also have a highly skilled workforce ensure strength and reliability.