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Whenever you have a construction project, the building starts with a temporary structure used to support the concrete skeletal work or support the workmen during a construction commonly carpenters, painters etc. That temporary framework is called scaffolding. Usually, it is made of wood but at times we see aluminum scaffolding. These scaffolding materials are usually built around the peripherals of a building and can reach up to multiple stories. This is the reason that the safety of the workers using the scaffold rental and set up also the scaffold materials used should be a priority to avoid 40 percent of the accidents that happen.

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Below are the general scaffolding parts are seen:

  • Uprights or Standards - the vertical posts
  • Ledgers - are the horizontal members parallel to the wall
  • Braces - the bracing system used
  • Putlogs - horizontal members normal to the wall
  • Transoms - they are the putlogs whose both ends are supported on ledgers in double scaffolding
  • Bridle - used in bridge openings
  • Boarding - planks where the workers walk on
  • Guard rail - seen at a 1-meter level to guard the workers working onboarding
  • Toeboard - wood planks parallel to boarding near the wall to protect workers
  • Sole or Baseplate - supporting plates on the ground for the standards.

Although steel scaffolding is more durable and has more strength, aluminum scaffolding is a more popular choice. This is due to the lightweight material of an aluminum scaffolding, which makes it more portable. Being easy to assemble and dismantle, aluminum scaffolds are more popular for scaffolding rental and scaffolding rental and set up because of it is perfect for indoors and outdoors. These scaffolding materials are easy to wipe and clean and can be erected by only 2 persons. This makes the scaffolding parts ideal as ladders for installation maintenance, cleaning, and minor construction work.

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