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Since 1973 Delmon Readymix has played a major part in the construction of modern Bahrain, with well over 10 million cubic metres of top quality concrete produced to date. We constantly strive to improve our position not just in terms of size but in product quality, service and safety.

The company was originally established by Abdulla Ahmed Nass as Bahrain’s first producer of concrete. Throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s the business benefited from partnerships with first Tarmac, then Redland and later technical support from Lafarge International, all leading European based international building material companies. As such the company benefited from the local knowledge and expertise of a major construction company together with the latest product and equipment technology available internationally. In 2006 the company went public as a part of Nass Corporation. Delmon Readymix has related building material companies, these include Delmon Precast WLL., Bahrain Building Chemicals WLL and Dona Marine WLL, which between them supply an extensive range of products to the construction industry.

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