Abu Dhabi Interior Design - Find Top Interior Designing Companies for Commercial and Residential Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Hiring a professional interior design abu dhabi gives more difference. It can either be a house with 10 rooms or an 800 square feet apartment. Interior design in Abu Dhabi helps refine your taste and ideas. Into a masterpiece that suits your needs and your space. If you need help creating a functional space plan and rearrange existing pieces. 
Interior Design of a house should be Trendy as it reflects the vibe of the people who lives in it. The interior design companies in abu dhabi here in Buildeey are your first choices. If you also need to hire Interior Designers in other parts of UAE, you can check buildeey's directory here:

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To introduce our company, we M/s. ARABUILD (LLC) is a well-established company based in UAE Since 19... See More
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Fixit Abu Dhabi


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Fixit Abu Dhabi is a leading interior designer company based in Abu Dhabi. With a team of experience... See More
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Price Ranges of Interior Design Service in Abu Dhabi

Factors affecting the price ranges of top 10 interior design companies in abu dhabi are: 

  1. Type of finish - laminates are cheaper compared to veneer or acrylic finishes The kinds of accessories used also add to the cost. Examples of these are sliding wardrobes, soft closing drawers and other add ons

  2. Expertise of the  interior designer - Better service is a result of enhanced skills, years of experience and learned knowledge. A good interior design company in abu dhabi is aware of this.
  3. Lighting - One of the elements of interior design is lighting. Therefore the more lights, the more costly your project will be.


Abu Dhabi Expert Interior Design Services - FAQ

What are the 7 elements of interior design?

1. Color - influence the entire mood and feeling of a room.

2. Form - is a way to shape express the contour of an artwork, furniture or other 3-D object 

3. Light - affects our perception and depth

4. Line - is like a perimeter around a form or shape.

5. Pattern - is the intentional repetition of forms, lines, or other design elements. Patterns usually appear on wallpaper or fabrics. 

6. Texture - is a way an object feels. This means that way the object literally feels to the touch or the feeling  it gives when simply looking at the object.

7. Space - how you imagine in every design decision. There are two basic types of space to consider: 2-D space (which accounts for the length and width of a room), and 3-D space (which covers height)


When should I hire an interior decorator?

You should hire interior design companies in abu dhabi uae when you need ome of all of the following services: design consultations, site measurement and assessment, space planning, design concepts, purchasing or procurement and project management.


Is it worth getting an interior designer?

Having an interior designer often gives more value to the project. They also offer  some of their trade discounts too. Though they get products you don't normally use,  they know exactly which products are durable. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to looks and design.