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Penco has been leading the water treatment industry for 40 years, benefiting top notable clients that include BAPCO, EWA ( Sitra Power & Water Station, Riffa Power Station & RAJ), GPIC, Bahrain Steel, Alba and other leading private sector companies.

1- Chemical dosing and metering pumps for all types of injecting chemicals.and swimming pool monitoring system.

2- Filters and filtration techniques: Filter cartridges of different sizes and microns for water and gas.

3- Chemicals and chemical services: We supply specialty chemicals such as Anti-Scalant for RO, thermal desalination plants, Anti-Foam, activated carbon, Silica gel for moisture absorbing, Resin membrane clearing chemical, including organic, inorganic chemicals and agriculture fertiliser

4- Steam traps, valves & solenoid valves

5- Pumps and pumping system: We supply different types of pressure, centrifugal, submersible pumps for water, sewage and drainage. We also supply specialty chemical transfer pump.

6- Instrumentation and control: All types of instrumentation and portable process control and automation.

7- Membrane for Reverse Osmosis sea & brackish water, desalination plants and spare parts

8- Measurement instruments for PH, conductivity, chlorine, temperature, humidity meter flow measurement and electrical detecting instruments

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